Why Do People Lie?

The question of why do people lie, is an interesting question no doubt, and is a question that goes back to the very beginning of human relationships. First of all, it pretty obvious that lying is a form of self protection. It is quite possible that lying evolved in this way. If you think about it, if the caveman made a mistake when hunting that potentially could destroy the chances of his tribespeople getting food for the week, and he had to report back to the tribal leader, lying could potentially save his life!

Obviously lying in this day and age, is quite often used by people for much less serious situations. And can become quite a negative habitual pattern for many people. Basically it comes down to win a person not wanting to deal with a certain situation, and the choice of lying, being an easy way out. It’s about not wanting to feel pain, and avoidance.

Obviously the reasons why people lie, are very situation will, and really do depend on the context of the situation. For that reason it is very difficult to say why people lie in general, apart from what we have discussed above. I believe that lying can be positive, if used to protect someone else, instead of being used to protect oneself because one did not do the right thing or created a bad situation through not being responsible.

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Why Do People Smoke?

In this article, we are going to be asking the question “why do people smoke”? There are several reasons why people begin smoking, and many times it is because people do not realise how addictive cigarette smoking can become. The main reasons that people begin smoking, or have their first cigarette are listed as follows.

1) quite often young people will begin smoking, because it is a form of rebellion. We all know that young people like to do what they are told not to, and smoking fits right into that category.

2) to copy adults, or members of their peer group. This is a big one, and follows the concept that all humans desire approval from others, especially others that they think are cool, or people that they want to be like.

3) to imitate role models. Again this is to do with wanting approval, and to fit into a particular group or role.

4) young people, or just people in general who drink alcohol, tend to be likely to smoke cigarettes. Cigarettes and alcohol are well known to mix together.

5) smoking cigarettes can quite often come from a desire to reduce stress, and this is a powerful hook for people, as it is a useful outlet and can make people feel better.

6) as an emotional outlet. Smoking cigarettes can be a way for people to change the way they feel therefore giving them emotional control to some degree.

All in all, there are many reasons why people begin smoking, probably more than what is just listed above.

Why Do People Yawn?

So why do people yawn? Is it really because they are trying to get oxygen, or is it maybe the fact that they are just bored?

There are many different theories on why people yawn, but funnily enough, scientists have not been able to prove anything.

The following theories, have been the historical explanations of yawning.

Firstly, many people believe that yawning is due to being bored, or simply due to inactivity of the body. However this theory has no proof, so we do not know that this is the case, as scientists have not been able to prove that it has anything to do with the psychological state of boredom.

The second popular myth to do with yawning, is that it comes from a lack of oxygen, and is a subconscious mechanism in order to make the person breathe more and get more oxygen. However, this theory has been tested by scientists, and has been proven to be incorrect as the difference between people who were deprived of oxygen and the amount of times they yawned, and the amount of times that people who would not deprived of oxygen yawned were insubstantial.

One final theory, is that yawning is an evolutionary bodily action, similar to how a dog bares its teeth when it wants to show anger to another dog or person. But again there is no evidence to suggest that this theory is correct.

In conclusion it is unknown why people Yawn.

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