Why Do People Worry?

The reason for why do people worry and act differently is because of beliefs and emotions that have roots in their past. Suppressing beliefs and emotions from the past can end up becoming filters for some perceptions of the present. Some people believe that when an individual reacts to a certain event, he or she […]

Why Do People Wink?

Did you ever wonder why do people wink at themselves in the mirror? Honestly, people from all walks of life and from all ages wink at themselves in the mirror to boost their self-confidence and self esteem. They say “I think I look damn good today” and then give themselves a wink. People have always […]

Why Do People Whale Hunt?

To answer the question “why do people whale hunt? Survival is one of the strongest answers. You might be thinking that in this contemporary world, people can work and be able to buy their own foods. However, there are still individuals or tribes that survive through hunting, such as the Inuit. They harvest a few […]

Why Do People Vomit?

It is natural to ask why do people vomit, and there are atually a lot of reasons for why it happens. The act of throwing up or vomiting is an uncomfortable process to assist an individual from grave injury or even death. Typically, it occurs when you drink or eat something that your body deems […]

Why Do People Use Heroin?

Obviously, there is no single explanation that will answer the question “Why do people use heroin? Individuals across the globe, especially teenagers, take different kinds of drugs for many different reasons. There are some people who use heroin to improve their emotional state, and also give them a sense of euphoria. There are those people […]

Why Do People Rebel?

If you are one of those people asking why do people rebel against governments and authority such as their parents then you might have seen a lot of things that might have happened the past. History is full of people who are trying to rebel against governments and their parents. They want to resist control […]

Why Do People Fast?

Fasting is choosing to stop eating or drinking, or both, for a specific period. A person can choose to eat after one day or for just 12 hours. There are people who fast for forty days without taking in anything solid but resort to a liquid diet instead. Choosing to drink only water and abstaining […]

Why Do People Hum?

Why do people hum? If you’re like a lot of people, you also like to hum. Perhaps you hum while you do chores or while getting dressed. Instead of singing, some people hum in the shower. And what is more sentimental than a mother humming her baby to sleep? Humming is something that is natural […]

Why Do People Get Nervous?

There is certainly nothing to get nervous about if you have not done anything worthy of being nervous. Nervous is synonymous to apprehensive, distressed, disturbed or just plain concerned. A person gets nervous because of a trigger. The trigger could be something that the concerned person knows will make them hurt, embarrassed or uncomfortable. A […]

Why Do People Go To Hell?

This is something that a lot of people cannot reconcile. They cannot believe that a loving God can send someone to a place of eternal suffering. How can a God punish so cruelly and fatally if he really is a kind and loving God? Hell is a place where sinners go when they die without […]

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