Why Do People Break Up?

“Why do people break up?” is a question that can draw a lot of answers. Couples break up for various reasons, even if it means losing the one you love. Some of the factors involved in answering the question “Why do people break up?” are money, jealousy, sex, alcohol, abuse, or infidelity. Some people say […]

Why Do People Binge Drink?

What is binge drinking? Why do people binge drink? What’s the harm in binge drinking? Generally, the term “binge drinking” means drinking alcoholic beverages heavily over a short period of time, with the primary intention of becoming intoxicated. Binge drinking is common in males, especially during adolescence. Most binge drinkers are unaware of the risks […]

Why Do People Believe In Superstitions?

A superstition is defined as a belief in some supernatural process, that is not based on facts or proven events. Thus, why do people believe in superstitions? Some of the common superstitions that you may have heard are bad lucks caused by a black cat crossing your path, or breaking mirrors unintentionally, walking under a […]

Why Do People Believe In God?

Perhaps you are a person who does some profound thinking and you have wondered “Why do people believe in God?” at one time or another. This thought would probably have occurred to you if you do not believe in God but live among people who do. When you ask them, “Why do people believe in […]

Why Do People Forget?

It is bewildering at times because you have information that you recently learned, yet cannot remember it even though it had only been a while ago when you took notice of it. This is one of the things that baffle people about the memory. There seems to be no sure way of being able to […]

Why Do People Lie?

The question of why do people lie, is an interesting question no doubt, and is a question that goes back to the very beginning of human relationships. First of all, it pretty obvious that lying is a form of self protection. It is quite possible that lying evolved in this way. If you think about […]

Why Do People Yawn?

So why do people yawn? Is it really because they are trying to get oxygen, or is it maybe the fact that they are just bored? There are many different theories on why people yawn, but funnily enough, scientists have not been able to prove anything. The following theories, have been the historical explanations of […]

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