Why Do People Hug?

Why do people hug? To receive a hug is a very nice experience, especially if it comes from a loved one. But what makes a hug so special? A hug is the physical action of putting an arm or two arms across the shoulder or around the torso of another person. A hug has many […]

Why Do People Love?

The question naturally arises, why do people love? A lot of people define themselves because of their relationship. More often than not they look for a partner to support them, make them feel good and give them something extra in their lives. You might have heard time and time again that love makes the world […]

Why Do People Make Mistakes?

You might have read some articles, essays or forums regarding the question of why people do make mistakes. People are not perfect and they are bound to make mistakes at some point in their lives. Mistakes can either be taken as positive or negative. If you make mistakes and use them as your stepping stone […]

Why Do People Move?

Did you ever wonder why do people move from one place to another? They move from one area to another for many reasons. Some of them are being transferred from their workplace in order for them to be in closer proximity. This will save them time, effort and money as well. They do not have […]

Why Do People Need Education?

The debate why people do need education is something that has a lot of strong arguments. However, the need for education can never be denied in this present society. The significance of education is being emphasized all over the world because knowledge is the most precious commodity a country and a person have to offer. […]

Why Do People Need A Government?

You might have heard some people say, ‘Why do people need a government?’ Governments are essential to the way of life of a civilized society. They are the political direction and the body of people that control the acts of the citizens, inhabitants, or members of societies, communities and states. This means that the Government […]

Why Do People Need Religion?

There are believed to be many supernatural beings in this universe and this is one of the reasons why people need a religion. To put it plain and simple, it is believed that humans need a religion to provide them with hope and inspire them. More often than not, religion provides their followers with an […]

Why Do People Have Birthmarks?

Why do people have birthmarks? Birthmarks, as the name suggests, are patches on the skin that are present since the day a baby is born. These irregularities on the skin are usually benign and fade over time. For first time parents it might be a little alarming to see marks cover quite a patch of […]

Why Do People Obey?

Ask yourself; why do people obey authority? As times goes by, there have been a lot of dictators and rulers who have had the authority to control huge groups of individuals, even entire countries. The ultimate demonstration of this was Adolf Hitler because he was able to bring large groups of individuals under his control. […]

Why Do People Pass Out?

How and why do people pass out or faint? Passing out is a momentary loss of awareness which is recovered on impulse after only a very short period of time. Some individuals pass out, or faint, due to decreased oxygen and lack of blood flow to the brains. The causes of passing out can be […]