Why Do People Text?

Communication is the ultimate reason why people text (send messages to each other by telephone). People send messages using their cell phone because this is a type of communication. They are able to send messages easily and quickly. Admit it or not, you do send messages on your cell phone when you are in a […]

Why Do People Trade?

If you want to know why people trade, or nations, you need to read the whole article before you gain some knowledge. Trading among people has been very important during the past centuries because this is the only means of obtaining goods or services from other people. It is a means of survival for them […]

Why Do People Exercise?

We all know that exercise is a huge deal. Exercise equipment and paraphernalia are always on advertisements, especially after the long holidays when people have over-indulged themselves and want to exercise the extra pounds away. But is this the only reason why people exercise? Is it just to be able to lose weight? Exercise is […]

Why Do People Eat Ice?

Ice has no flavor. It is not sweet, sour, salty, bitter or savory. It’s frozen water. Yet, you see children and adults thoroughly enjoying themselves, whether it is eating ice cubes, shaved ice from freezer walls or freshly fallen snow. What makes eating ice so entertaining? Well, if you search about ice eating or ice […]

Why Do People Worship?

There are a lot of answers, but why do people worship a God? Whatever religion you may belong to, you will always believe that you need to worship your God. You believe that worshiping the God of your religion is a sign of respect. You may feel the need to show respect to the very […]

Why Do People Whistle?

Why do people whistle while they are working or doing something? Did you ever hear the song “whistle while you work”? Whistling is a fun thing to do. It is considered to be on a par with humming or singing and is thought to be a type of musical expression by a lot of people. […]

Why Do People Wear Turbans?

Why do people wear turbans? Turbans are a common sight, and in many cultures people wear turbans solely for functional purposes, but others wear them due to their religious beliefs. Nobody actually knows the exact origin of the turban, yet this form of headware has been around for more than 3,000 years. Assyrian carvings from […]

Why Do People Use Blogs?

Why do people use blogs in both personal life, and for business purposes? This is what we will hope to explore in this article. Growing a business, small or large is one of the many reasons why people use blogs. This is a way for businessmen to connect to their customers and also to find […]

Why Do People Quit Their Jobs?

Why do people quit their jobs even though their salary is quite high and the work environment is great? People quit their jobs for many different reasons, but sometimes they might not want to divulge why they are quitting to their work colleagues. There are a lot of reasons why people quit their employment, and […]

Why Do People Judge?

Why do people judge others? Some individuals take special delight in scouring others with the back of their tongues in a nasty assault. It would be justifiable if they were paradigms of perfection but they usually are not. No human is perfect. We may try to dress perfectly, talk perfectly, walk and entertain people perfectly, […]

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