Why Do People Commit Suicide?

Individuals who have a normal mind continually ask why people commit suicide”. People who do not have suicide problems ask why some people commit suicide even though they may have fulfilled their dreams and aspirations. From time to time you might ask the question, and after some serious analyzing, you might have discovered a number of varied reasons as to why somebody may commit suicide. If you pay close attention to some of these reasons, it is possible for you to prevent someone you love from committing this crime. For example, for some people, the pain which is caused by someone they love can be too much to carry. More often than not, suicide will come from depression. These people feel as though life is excessively too much to handle; they do not like to look back to those negative experiences they have lived with. Generally, they think that the pain that their loved ones caused them is too much for them to end their lives. They find life useless and they do not find enough reasons to carry on.

In general, the people who commit suicide do not get any sort of treatment and they frequently view life as being dull and pointless. If a loved one passes away, either suddenly or because of severe illness, they cannot be able to cope and cannot get over it, especially if the person was very close to them. This could lead to depression and committing suicide. Believe it or not, many people have committed suicide due to the fact that they have lost custody over their kids. Losing a loved one is enough reason why people commit suicide. Some other reasons why somebody would commit suicide are losing a house, money or a job. You might not find these reasons good enough, but if these people have focused their lives on their job and wealth, all of a sudden, they may feel as if it is though everything is taken away from them. For some people, they want to go ahead and commit suicide. Another reason for committing suicide is an individual may have found out that they have terminal or serious sickness. They become so scared of the life which lies ahead of them.

Some other reasons for committing suicide are rape, assault, domestic violence, kidnapping, a murdered child and child molestation. If somebody commits suicide, he or she clearly has lost hope. When you know someone who is constantly sad, you need to speak with them and try and bring his spirits back up. No matter how much irritation you have towards that person, you must not scream at him, since this might push him one step closer towards death. Know the reasons why people commit suicide and help them get over it.


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