Why Do People Cut Themselves?

Why do people cut themselves? You may have seen some people who suspiciously have cuts in their wrists or arms. Cutting is actually a kind of self-injury. Self-injury is when people deliberately hurt themselves, often as a detrimental way to cope with anger, stress or other negative emotions.

If you are someone who has a positive outlook in life and such respect for your body, you would really ask “Why do people cut themselves?” Although cutting is the most common form of self-injurious behavior, self-injury can consist of burning, biting and punching oneself. Others bang their head or pull out their hair. Those who hurt themselves in these ways are usually females between 13 and 15 years old; however, cutting can go on for years if overlooked. There are boys who exhibit self-injurious activities as well. Understanding people who cut themselves can be somewhat challenging.

Why do people cut themselves? Are they coping with their negative feelings or trying to grab attention? There are people who feel great when someone cares and worries that they cut themselves. These people are usually the ones who go off and tell everyone what they are doing so people will feel bad for them. Some teens refer to cutting as emo cutting, which pertains to the emo subculture, whose members are known to be cutters. They often wear an all-black ensemble and even dye their hair jet black. They are viewed to be showcasing their emotional side, typically described as shy, quiet, sensitive, sad, glum, self-pitying, introverted, mysterious, and angst-ridden.

When experts are asked the question “Why do people cut themselves?” they will be able to give you more than a few explanations. For one, cutting is said to be a coping mechanism, considered an unhealthy one, which helps others handle intense feelings of pressure. Another explanation has something to do with the brain releasing endorphins when a body part is cut. These types of proteins provide pain relief as well as a sense of well-being, therefore relieving psychological pain. Cutting can become an obsessive behavior because of the release of endorphins. Every time emotions are high, the brain longs for the relief that the endorphins can provide.

Individuals who cut themselves tend to be those who don’t have the skills to express their strong feelings in healthier ways. There is a need for them to learn self-comforting methods that are not harmful. Others who cut themselves may also suffer from other mental health conditions such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, and eating disorders, among others. You have to remember, however, that this is not always the case.

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