Why Do People Donate?

Why do people donate? People usually give to those in need. They can give food or clothes, or of course money. Companies and businesses can also donate books or computers, or other useful equipment. A lot of groups and individuals regularly give cash to their chosen beneficiaries. But what drives people to donate? Religious writings are not without various exhortations to give to others, especially to the needy. These writings encourage donating for the spiritual blessings it gives to the donor. Other writings proclaim donating as an act of charity; something worthy to be emulated by other members of the same faith. The focus of donating is always for the improvement of the lives of those that are not so materially blessed.

Making lives better seems to be a calling. It has a matching benediction too. Some people take a great deal of pleasure in seeing their faces splashed across the pages of a newspaper or watching videos of their good deeds as they are featured on the news. Is this really the primary pleasure of donating? Why do people donate? Media hungry individuals’ expectations aside, there really is a less mercenary reason why people donate. There are many who just feel the need of there fellow human being. These are people who truly appreciate what it means to give from the heart. People like this donate because they want to help alleviate the physical difficulties and sufferings of others by giving or doing something to raise funds that may be given to the organization or group of their choice. Humanitarian aid is what keeps people connected in times of hardship. Donating shows that a person cares enough to do something and becomes the means to show it.

Companies and even individuals benefit by making a donation. Some people donate so that they can take advantage of tax relief. Television programs that ask for donations usually remind the public about this in the hope that more people will make a donation for their cause. Individuals as well as corporations can do this. It is sad, however, if the only purpose of the donation is for the tax deduction. Donation is a noble action. Although there is no law that says you cannot donate if your intentions are not pure, it’s of course still more virtuous to donate something with good intentions.

It also helps that you know your possessions are going to someone who can really need and use them. If you’ve watched shows where a person’s house has been given a makeover, you will notice that some of the unneeded appliances and household appliances go to charity. While the items weren’t voluntarily donated, it just goes to show that sometimes we have more than we need and it would be the humane thing to do to share our excess material goods with those who cannot afford to buy them. If this is your mindset, great for you, you are not one of those selfish people who take everything for themselves without thought, and have the cheek to ask the question “Why do people donate?”

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