Why Do People Gossip?

Why do people gossip? Obviously, there is no sole reason why people enjoy badmouthing others.

There are a lot of people who crave for approval and attention so they resort to gossiping about others to get that attention. Indeed, it takes a lot of willpower and discipline to refrain from gossiping or spreading a rumor especially if you are the only person who knows some juicy information. Those who know something always wait for the right moment and the right crowd to share it. Being the center of attention simply gives them satisfaction.

Among many reasons why others talk behind other people’s backs is filling in the void during conversations. When it gets silent in a group, it is as if everyone becomes scared of silence. Whenever there is a lull moment, some just could not understand that it is a natural thing. They tend to be anxious so they fill in the void by gossiping about somebody.

The query “Why do people gossip?” can also be answered by the fact that some people lack general knowledge. People often start to specialize in a particular profession from an early stage, thus limiting their knowledge. If they lack other interesting topics to talk about, they resort to gossiping. If the topic discussed is beyond their profession, they shift to talking about other people to conceal the fact that they couldn’t contribute to the conversation.

Another answer to “Why do people gossip?” is to belong to a group. If everybody is chitchatting about a certain someone, it is instinct to join in so you wouldn’t feel left out. Gossip is common in schools and offices so when everyone is a part of it, it feels like a big happy family. Some would rather join in even if they do not feel like gossiping or they are not supposed to be that kind of person because they badly want to belong and don’t want to be an outcast.

The common answer to the “Why do people gossip?” is inferiority complex. Those who have low self-esteem are more likely to engage in gossiping. They become insecure when someone is doing better than they are so they take revenge by spreading rumors about them. Also, people who couldn’t confront those who are nasty to them fight back through badmouth. Persons with unhealthy self-esteem easily get offended when they are embarrassed in public or talked down to. Since they don’t have the guts to be confrontational, they retaliate when the person’s back is turned.

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