Why Do People Hate?

Human beings really do long to have peace of mind as they tread the uncertainties in life. As expressed by Alison Stormwolf, “Take from me anything. Material possessions are worthless; just leave me with inner peace.” If inner peace is so valuable, then why do people hate?

Many people go through life with hatred in their hearts. The question “why do people hate?” leads to different reasons. Some of the common reasons are betrayal, envy, lust, despair, and cruelty. People find it easier to succumb to hating because tolerance requires greater effort. When you have been hurt by someone you deeply loved and trusted, it can be hard for you not to assume that other people may hurt you as well.

One of the probable answers to the question “why do people hate?” is betrayal. Feelings of betrayal are so powerful that they can lead to drastic actions. A feeling of hate, anger, and bitterness naturally arises when you find your partner having a secret affair with someone else. The betrayed person feels justified to take revenge against his partner. You can imagine the horrific scenes that a deceived party can create just to get back at the people who have betrayed him or her.

Some people will tell you that jealousy or envy is the answer to the issue of “why do people hate.” Feelings of hate can begin with a simple spite regarding business or physical insecurities. These ill feelings of jealousy can turn to bitterness and can lead a person to give a nasty remark or spread a nasty lie.

Racial discrimination could also lead to feelings of hatred. Up to this day, racial crimes are still a dilemma. The Ku Klux Klan is one example of racial prejudice that led to deep-rooted bitterness. Conflicting ideologies are also used to explain “why do people hate.” Early Christians were mercilessly massacred in Rome. The Spanish Inquisitions burned people just because these people were practicing other faiths. These events served as stigma that led people to hate.

The best way to handle hatred is to acknowledge the feelings and admit that hatred is real. Try to look at the underlying cause of your ill feelings objectively. Acceptance and tolerance are the keys to eliminating feelings of hatred. By learning to accept other people for who they are and respecting their beliefs and actions, you can control the negative feelings and reduce if not totally eliminate them.

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