Why Do People Hiccup?

Why do people hiccup? There are various reasons why people hiccup.

A hiccup is a result of a spasm in the diaphragm. Because of a contraction of the diaphragm, which is caused by spasm, the inhalation of air is stopped abruptly. The epiglottis slams shut, thus producing the familiar sound “hic.” This involuntary action repeats several times per minute.

Perhaps these questions have crossed your minds. Why do people hiccup when they are drunk? Or why do people hiccup after drinking soda? Why do people hiccup after eating or drinking alcohol?

According to Baltic and Slavic myths, hiccups are said to occur when the person experiencing them is being talked about by someone who is not present. In Indian folklore, hiccups are said to happen when the person experiencing them is being thought of by a close friend or relative.

So, what really causes one to hiccup? There are several factors that can cause a hiccup to develop. One is having a full stomach. Too much eating or too much drinking of alcohol or soft drinks can trigger a hiccup. Taking in hot food and coupling it with a cold drink at the same time can cause a person to hiccup. Laughing or coughing is also believed to cause hiccups. Other factors attributed to hiccup are cancer, infection, chemotherapy, skull fracture, epilepsy, or even constipation.

An interesting misconception that arises when people are asked the question “Why do people hiccup?” is the possibility of someone growing taller. How true is it that people grow taller when they have a hiccup? Many conditions have been associated with hiccups, but having hiccups does not make you grow taller. So, the answer is no. There is no connection between a hiccup and a person’s growth spurt in height.

Having a hiccup tends to bring discomfort to the affected person. So, when asked the question Why do people hiccup?” you would most likely be inclined to ask for the possible treatment of this condition. The remedies include drinking water, holding your breath, pulling your tongue, or breathing into a bag. Chlorpromazine may be prescribed by the doctor if none of the simple remedies suggested are successful. Hypnosis or acupuncture is also an alternative way of treating hiccups.

Intractable hiccup is another case in which a doctor’s consultation would be relevant. This is a hiccup that persists for more than 2 days. This can cause weight loss and lack of sleep. The condition may be due to cancer, surgery, mental problem, or central nervous system problem.

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