Why Do People Hunt?

Why do people hunt? Why do some people feel the need to track an animal down then kill it? Hunting has been around since the time of early man. Back then they needed to hunt so they would have food to eat, as well as have clothes to make from animal fur. The people who track down animals and catch them are the hunters, while the hunted animal are usually called game. Hunting is an activity that is traditionally enjoyed by men. There are families who pass the tradition of hunting from father to son as a rite of passage. There are plenty of stories of fathers finding bonding time with their sons on hunting trips. It is also a means to teach the son how to survive, especially in areas where he is allowed to hunt game for food. Hunting then becomes a practical skill and not just an opportunity to develop a relationship.

Hunting is also a way to teach men and women about the safe handling of firearms. When hunting with a group one has to be responsible with the use of a weapon or else your companions could end up getting hurt by your firearm, instead of it being used for killing the animal you are tracking down.

Why do people hunt using guns? Guns are used because they are the weapons that are readily available on the market. They are more efficient than spears or knives. Guns allow a hunter to target their prey easily, although a gun sight is no use if the hunter is not skilled in the use of the firearm. It is also one probable reason why men like hunting, and using guns to hunt. They have a certain amount of satisfaction when they are able to practice and use their skills in marksmanship. It also brings out the primal instinct of men to hunt and gather.

Aside from providing men a chance to play hunter, hunting is important in some areas because hunting the animals there helps about in controlling animal populations. This happens when there are not enough consumers (animals who prey) to sufficiently trim their number down. This is usually done for certain hunting seasons. Deer, ducks and trout can be legally hunted during their hunting seasons, and as long as a hunter has the appropriate license.

Guys who feel they are sportsmen enjoy the opportunity to indulge in this exercise which takes them outdoors. There are men and women who enjoy not just hunting but being out with Mother Nature enjoying the crisp, clean morning air, and watching nature unfold right before their eyes. For these people it’s not so much the hunting, but more about being surrounded by the beauty and the awesomeness of nature that can be found in the open. It’s quite often people who really love animals and nature in this way that ask the question “Why do people hunt?”

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