Why Do People Litter?

Recent years have found a rapid increase in human concern over cleaning up the earth and trying to revive the environment to its past unspoilt grandeur. The campaigns involve proper waste disposal and addressing the issue of too much littering, which brings us to the question of why do people litter?

Different types of people drop litter. When asked “why do people litter?” they also provide different answers and all sorts of excuses. There are many reasons as to why people drop their waste products just about anywhere. These reasons are the foundations of a number of theories as to how concerned individuals can stop people from littering and what to do to address the issue of garbage.

Why do people litter? One common reason is that they are too lazy to find a trash bin, which is obviously a very unwarrantable rationale for endangering the rest of the world. Plus, if an area is already dirty, then why bother to look for a trash bin? For example, just because you are too lazy to throw your plastic cup holders in an appropriate trash bin, you decide to leave it on the sea shore. Once the tide comes, it washes the plastics off the shore and into the ocean, where it becomes hazardous to seals and fishes.

Another reason provided by people who litter is that there are not enough bins, they are found in the wrong places, are not emptied, or are not big enough. Some have more problematic reasons for why they litter because they think it is all right to litter if no one can see you do it. Since everybody does it, they do not believe that one person can make a difference anymore. Some others believe that there are things that are much worse problems in the world that you can help solve rather than make a fuss about litter.

Going through all these excuses made to answer the question as to “why do people litter?” gives us a negative perspective of human behavior. Somehow, these things provide us with a convincing argument that we deserve what we have at the moment. If we do not change our attitude now, if we do not address the problem of littering immediately, the campaigns for a better future and a greener earth will be all for nothing. Litter is not just one person’s concern because it is everyone’s problem. No excuse for littering is ever justifiable.

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