Why Do People Need Education?

The debate why people do need education is something that has a lot of strong arguments. However, the need for education can never be denied in this present society. The significance of education is being emphasized all over the world because knowledge is the most precious commodity a country and a person have to offer. In reality, the best jobs will be given to the best educated. Even though there are countless arguments that illustrate direct relations between success and education, it is exactly this limited perspective that defeats the complete purpose of education. Restricting the purpose of education is an offense to the importance of human lives.

Some people would agree that the purpose of being alive is to create significant contributions to other people and society. Education assists with numerous things, yet most significantly, it gives power to a person to question, see and think beyond the obvious. People are born with a natural propensity to question, but over time they turn compliant and gradually start to accept and no longer question. Education should satisfy the question yet never put out the fire.

Some of the clearer reasons why people need education are: the world requires education since it is the foundation of a cultured and structured society; education broadens the horizon and provides a better comprehension of the world and how things work. Another reason why people do need education is that it lessens economic and social disparity, permitting progress to be shared in the same way. Advancements in all fields taking account of science and technology have been made possible because of education. Education has actually paved a way for growth, not only for people, but for society as well. Researches point out that educated individuals have longer life expectancies as they have the tendency to play more sports and exercise more. In addition, they understand the implications of lifestyle and diet into their health permitting them to make healthy options.

On average, educated individuals have work which is more interesting and meaningful compared to people who are not. Educated people can have higher job satisfaction which frequently contributes to a healthier lifestyle. They are found to possess higher self-esteem and their lives are more organized. This results to better directions in their lives and they can therefore solve their problems better. In addition, they are better equipped to deal with daily decisions. The significance of education is most obvious in countries that are developing. This means that education makes for poverty less, and can arrange social development. So, if you are one of those people arguing about why people do need education then the reasons mentioned earlier are enough to answer your question.


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