Why Do People Pray?

Have you ever been asked the question “Why do people pray?” Perhaps, your answer would most likely be that there is something that you are asking from God. How many of us know the real essence and importance of prayer in our lives?

People often pray because they believe in the power of prayer. Prayer is a way of communicating to God. While prayer is often regarded as a way of asking God for something, prayer is a simple conversation with God. Praying is an implicit way of recognizing God’s presence within us, even though we cannot hear his voice speak to us. Praying draws us nearer to God when we constantly outpour anything and everything that is happening in our lives. Still, the question “why do people pray?” lingers.

In reality, most people pray to ask for something from God, especially when they know that what they’re asking for is beyond their control. Others feel that by praying, they will get what they are asking from God. It’s sad that most people fail to realize what true prayer is. Some treat prayer like it’s an ATM card that they use when they need something or fall into dreadful situations. Some misconceptions about prayer have deluded the true meaning of prayer.

Why do people pray when they are in dire need of something? Knowing that prayer is simply communicating to God all their fears and wants without restrictions, the more people are encouraged to raise their problems to God in search for answers. Praying to God gives them a soothing reassurance that there is always someone who knows the deepest recesses of their hearts.

Faith is also one of the reasons given when asked “Why do people pray?” Many people believe in the enormity of prayer. Those who pray with faith do not seek for concrete answers. They pray not to test if their prayer works. They do not beg or bargain with God. To them, to pray with faith is to approach God with utmost respect. To pray with faith is to put away their doubts and to put their trust in God’s ultimate wisdom. This is the proper way to communicate with God.

When praying, it is important to understand that God hears and answers your every prayer. Remember that the answer could be yes, no, or later. Sometimes, God answers yes, but there is a waiting period before things take place. There is no recipe to get whatever you want from God, but if you pray with faith in your heart, certainly, you will understand that God hears every word you say.


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