Why Do People Smell?

Perhaps asking why people smell is a little vague. As an alternative to asking such a question, it would probably be better to ask why some individuals smell really bad. Of course, every person is familiar with the human body producing perspiration, and how some individuals produce more perspiration compared to others. However, every person might not be familiar why other individuals do not shower for days. Without taking a shower, one can create a horrendous personal odor which could really be a hazard to their health and other people around them. How can taking a shower on a daily basis be so hard for some people? Maybe they do not find the courage to shower every day, especially during colder wintry weather. Brushing their teeth and washing faces is enough for them.

Another reason why some people have a bad body odor is when they are under serious stress. Sweating is a means for the body to handle the pressure naturally. Fight or flight responses can actually happen during stressful events. When a rush project is presented on, your desk, for instance, your body will naturally sweat and discharge some toxic substances which can smell rather bad.

However, this can also be triggered, especially if you have some kind of allergy. Eating on the run is another reason why people smell. When you wolf down your meal in mere seconds because you are working with deadlines, you might have a burpy day ahead. It is scientifically proven that drinking through a straw and chewing too fast can lead to gulping too much air. And you will release the majority of this air that contains oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen from your stomach through burping. It is necessary that you do not consume food when you are upset, stressed or anxious since this can upset digestion.

It is advisable that you stay away from deodorant because this will only temporarily mask your body odor. You actually require an antiperspirant which can help you to perspire less during the night. The effect of the antiperspirant can last for more than 24 hours. However, if this does not work then you need to ask your physician about prescription-strength antiperspirants. In the case of women, they smell at times if they are between periods. The menstrual period can influence how much they sweat. The temperature of their body rises half a degree when they are ovulating which is enough to produce more body odor and sweat. Why people smell can actually be avoided as long as one can devote more time to personal hygiene.

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