Why Do People Smoke?

In this article, we are going to be asking the question “why do people smoke”? There are several reasons why people begin smoking, and many times it is because people do not realise how addictive cigarette smoking can become. The main reasons that people begin smoking, or have their first cigarette are listed as follows.

1) quite often young people will begin smoking, because it is a form of rebellion. We all know that young people like to do what they are told not to, and smoking fits right into that category.

2) to copy adults, or members of their peer group. This is a big one, and follows the concept that all humans desire approval from others, especially others that they think are cool, or people that they want to be like.

3) to imitate role models. Again this is to do with wanting approval, and to fit into a particular group or role.

4) young people, or just people in general who drink alcohol, tend to be likely to smoke cigarettes. Cigarettes and alcohol are well known to mix together.

5) smoking cigarettes can quite often come from a desire to reduce stress, and this is a powerful hook for people, as it is a useful outlet and can make people feel better.

6) as an emotional outlet. Smoking cigarettes can be a way for people to change the way they feel therefore giving them emotional control to some degree.

All in all, there are many reasons why people begin smoking, probably more than what is just listed above.

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