Why Do People Stalk?

If you want to know all about stalking then you first have to know why people stalk. Stalkers have certain goals in the way they stalk. Some of these goals are to regain the relationship, get vengeance in some way or regain control. People who are stalking their partners want to save or regain the relationship. They believe that the end is not over and they would like to do something in order for that relationship to last. But some people strengthen their senses through manipulating, possessing, intimidating or dominating their partners. Affecting or controlling, a partner can give them some feelings of uniqueness or power in a world in which they feel unimportant or powerless in general.

People who come from an environment where are not able to say what they feel have the tendency to control their partners if they enter a new relationship or get married. They do this because they want to feel that power and uniqueness which they did never felt during their entire life with their family. This type of person can at times become a stalker after becoming an ‘ex’ in order to fulfilling these unsuitable psychological needs.

These kinds of people must be willing to ask for professional or psychological help. They can ask a counselor or a psychiatrist to bring out the problem. This will help them to cope up with such an attitude and they will become better people. They can also ask for emotional help from their friends, loved ones and colleagues as much as possible so they are able to discuss their fears, disappointments and failures. Their friends should be able to figure out why people stalk and can offer some kind of help for that that person. However, stalking is still very misunderstood behavior to the public, law enforcement and the courts, even a huge amount of research has been done during the past few years to try and understand what stalkers see and think.

In a relationship, stalking can be avoided if the couple decides to end their relationship with the assistance of counselor. This will make sure that they do not convey mixed messages. The counselor will help them and could suggest that they give each other enough time to heal, without any contact.

In cases of vengeance stalking, the stalker thinks that he or she was wrong in some degree and he/she cannot move on with his/her life. This will cause him/her to stalk the person who did the wrong and will also make him/her see that this person has to move on with his/her life. Of course, the reason why people stalk is not good, so any person who does this needs psychological help.

Posted at December 28th, 2011.

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  1. Rachel says:

    The reason some people stalk to fulfill some void they have in their life. Their father is abusive or their mother never provided them much affection and are just seeking for love, someone to care about them and a role model. They delusionally think that the person they are stalking wants/will to provide them with all those things. Most stalkers are usually not out to hurt that person but will be extremely upset when that person ignores/rejects them. They definatly have some deep-rooted psychological issue and need to realize that they are putting that person under a lot of pressure, creeping them out and to know they do not have the time, means or want-to to fulfill those kind of needs that are almost equivalent to the needs of a child.

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