Why Do People Use Heroin?

Obviously, there is no single explanation that will answer the question “Why do people use heroin? Individuals across the globe, especially teenagers, take different kinds of drugs for many different reasons. There are some people who use heroin to improve their emotional state, and also give them a sense of euphoria. There are those people who abuse this drug just to acquire the same feelings, but using a much safer method.

Generally, people experiment with heroin and other drugs because this is an opportunity for them to escape from reality or experience a different world. The dangers related to this drug are the chance of an individual having an overdose or dying. During recent years, studies have shown that there has been a rise in the number of individuals who have become addicted to heroin and other legal prescription drugs. It is then advisable that people, especially those who are using legal prescription drugs, must carefully follow what has been prescribed by their doctor’s, otherwise they might overdose, which of course could lead to serious health problems.

On the other hand, in the case of teenagers, they may use heroin simply out of curiosity. Children and teens are curious by nature and have the tendency to be more adventurous compared to grownups. The more they pay attention to the supposedly amazing effects of using heroin, the more they are likely to want to see and feel what its like. Social peer pressure is another big reason why people use heroin, especially for younger people. It must be remembered that social peer pressure does not essentially entail a group of friends or a friend actively pressuring a friend to use heroin. This can be more than passive social pressure. For example, teenagers have the desire to adapt to a certain group or to fit in and carry out what everybody else around them is doing.

Teenagers have the desire to belong, and this quite often leads them to use drugs that can ruin not only their health in the short term, but their lives as well. History is full of people who have gone down the wrong path because they just wanted to belong or fit in with society. They have done something stupid during their teenage years, and now they can’t fix it.

However, some teenagers who are using heroin have a history of neglect from their parents, or even child abuse. This pain formulates a need within the teenager, so they use heroin or other drugs to fill that void. The heroin can kill that pain temporarily and put them into a state of pain free “bliss”. One of the largest reasons behind teen drug and alcohol abuse is child abuse. If this is the reason why people use heroin then it must be dealt with as soon as possible by concerned people and organizations, in order to save lives.

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