Why Do People Yawn?

So why do people yawn? Is it really because they are trying to get oxygen, or is it maybe the fact that they are just bored?

There are many different theories on why people yawn, but funnily enough, scientists have not been able to prove anything.

The following theories, have been the historical explanations of yawning.

Firstly, many people believe that yawning is due to being bored, or simply due to inactivity of the body. However this theory has no proof, so we do not know that this is the case, as scientists have not been able to prove that it has anything to do with the psychological state of boredom.

The second popular myth to do with yawning, is that it comes from a lack of oxygen, and is a subconscious mechanism in order to make the person breathe more and get more oxygen. However, this theory has been tested by scientists, and has been proven to be incorrect as the difference between people who were deprived of oxygen and the amount of times they yawned, and the amount of times that people who would not deprived of oxygen yawned were insubstantial.

One final theory, is that yawning is an evolutionary bodily action, similar to how a dog bares its teeth when it wants to show anger to another dog or person. But again there is no evidence to suggest that this theory is correct.

In conclusion it is unknown why people Yawn.

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