Why Do People Celebrate Cinco De Mayo?

It is an important Mexican celebration, but why do people celebrate Cinco de Mayo? In English, Cinco de Mayo is May 5. The relevance of this date dates back to 1862 when an army of 4000 Mexican soldiers defeated a French army of more than 8000. This victory had a very significant place in world history. The United States of America was never invaded by a European country and Napoleon never got to help the confederate army and install his own appointed emperor. For the state of Puebla, it was a major achievement and meant so much to American independence. It was a great victory for the Mexican army and Mexican pride is always held high when Cinco de Mayo is celebrated. This is because it was a David and Goliath battle when the underdog won the day.

Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexican culture; especially with singing, dancing, parties and delicious Mexican food. Although it is not the Mexican’s Independence Day, celebrated on the 16th of September, it is still commemorated as such. Why do people celebrate Cinco de Mayo in other places other than Puebla in Mexico? There are many Mexican communities that have sprung up around the world and since Cinco de Mayo is an important part of their heritage, it gets to be celebrated wherever Mexican people live.

It is a means for them to show and share their culture and a great way for the younger generation to remember their history. It is important for these people, especially if they have not grown up in their own country, and live in a place where their culture and tradition is not a part of their everyday life. With a fiesta like atmosphere, it becomes a great opportunity for families to get together and in some places this day is a holiday.

The remembrance of Cinco de Mayo is a feast that not only Mexicans appreciate. America’s history is intertwined with the Cinco de Mayo victory and that is why it is remembered in some states, especially those that have Mexican communities. Children go on parades dressed in Mexican costumes and there is Mariachi music and re-enactments of the battles between the French and Mexican soldiers.

Most importantly, Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of freedom won by men who were not deterred by the love for their country and the importance they placed on their independence. It is something that is rightly remembered as a day when the underdogs dared to fight back despite the most difficult circumstances. It should not be an excuse for marketing companies to push their products. Why do people celebrate Cinco de Mayo? To remember the valor of the people who fought for their freedom.

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