Why Do People Change?

Why do people change over time? Why do people change their outlook in life at some point of their lives? Why do people change their personality?

There are countless reasons that can be said when asked the question “Why do people change?” Some people change for the sake of attaining their goals and dreams in life. Others try to change who they are to fit into the norms of the society. Others try to change because they are hiding something or pretending.

Most people are motivated to change when they are in pain. When they reach their breaking point, they resort to change, hoping that the pain will go away. People experience pain in relatively different ways and the point where they reach their breaking point varies from one person to another. Take for instance, a woman, who is overly conscious of her figure and enjoys looking slim in exquisite clothes, would likely choose to change her eating habits if she sees herself gaining a lot of weight.

Another conclusion that can be stated when asked the question “Why do people change?” is due to the life cycle stages that a person goes through. Marriage, courtship, career development, pregnancy, and the onset of old age influences one to adjust and change.

Another probable answer as to the question “Why do people change?” is that people are forced by someone else or by uncontrollable circumstances. A spouse would usually demand their significant other to change some of their unpleasant attitudes to sustain their relationship. Uncontrollable sad events, like the 9/11 terrorist attack, caused a lot of lives to change. Direct relatives, who lost their loved ones in the gruesome incident, had to adjust emotionally to cope up with the hurt of losing a loved one.

Perhaps, you would likely ask “Why do people change?” and do they really want that change to happen to them? It is not easy for people to leave a habit just like that. In the end, people change for a variety of reasons. It may be to shut away the feeling of pain, to cope up with the changing times, or simply because they are inspired to change for the better. The best way in setting a new path or a new direction in one’s life is to know and be aware of one’s primary motivation to change. Hopefully, by doing this, people will make reasonable and important changes in how they behave and in what they believe in.

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