Why Do People Cut?

When faced with the question of “why do people cut themselves?” there are many reasons that we can come up with from the top of our minds. The most common would be that these individuals may be suffering from a cutting disorder wherein they need to cut themselves to make themselves feel better. Different forms of depression have symptoms that include cutting after reaching a climax in their depressive episodes. For these people, the sight of blood can remind them that they can still feel something and that life is not over for them yet.

Another you can provide when asked “why do people cut their wrists or other extremities?” is that the person is actually seeking help. The cuts are a cry for help. They want to show the people surrounding them that they are in need of help and that they need to find a reason for living, an answer to why they should continue to be here on Earth.

A person may be suffering from dissociative identity disorder can also answer the query on “why do people cut themselves?” Self-harm, such as cutting, can relieve them from altering personalities. Each personality has a different problem and a different pain that it suffers, which is why cutting can provide some form of relief.

There are also individuals who do not suffer from dissociative identity disorder but feel that cutting relieves stress. When we experience pain, endorphins are released. Endorphins are chemicals released by the body to relieve it of pain and stress. When somebody cuts himself, these endorphins are released, and he feels unburdened of stresses or emotional pains temporarily.

While others suffer from disorders, the reason some people cut themselves is as simple as seeking attention. Many teenagers and a lot of individuals with problematic self-concepts and low self-esteem will go to extremes, including cutting themselves, in the hope of gaining somebody’s attention. When they cut themselves, they feel that they are being cared for. Unlike the people who cut themselves as a cry for help, these attention-seekers will usually tell everyone that they have cut themselves in order to make others feel bad for them.

Other answers for those who are wondering as to why do people cut themselves are that it puts them in control, they like how the cuts look, they like the pain, and they feel that they deserve it. Others would say that cutting is a symbol of love, but this may also fall under some mental or emotional disorder.

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