Why Do People Drink Alcohol?

Today we shall discuss about why do people drink alcohol. Beforehand, I had always said there are no benefits to alcohol, not even a single benefit and I also challenge people to find a benefit that I can’t defend and tell me about it. Meanwhile, I get very excited when I get an email from someone, let’s say Jay, who thinks they’ve got me, one of the mails says

“Look, I think I have you here on this not being a single benefit to alcohol because when I drink, I do get a sensation of euphoria, there is a definite high, a pleasant feeling that comes over me when I drink alcohol”.

Surely, that’s a benefit and it’s a good point, but we need to break it down

because you’re right, there is a sensation of euphoria with alcohol, and there is no denying it that there is a high that comes over you when you drink alcohol. Moreover, have you notice that when you get that first drink you go “oh man I needed that, that felt good” but you don’t get the same with the second round. Because, on the second round you go,

ah even better”, and the third round, you go, “oh my god it just keeps getting better”. It’s a one-time reward for complying with the drug and let me explain why everything we do as human beings is motivated by only two things. First one is “they need to gain pleasure” and the second thing is they need to “avoid pain everything”. We

do everything to avoiding pain and gaining pleasure. In fact, the body knows this, the central nervous system knows this, and it uses it to motivate you and manipulate you when it needs to.


For example, if you’ve ever had food poisoning, you’ll know this to be true, but when you get food poisoning your body knows there is poison inside you, your central nervous system has to evacuate your stomach immediately, otherwise you’re going to die and it doesn’t want to give you an opinion on this. It doesn’t say “do you feel like vomiting”, it doesn’t want to debate this with you, it just wants to act on the ultimate command of the brain to stay alive at all possibility. So, it makes you feel incredibly ill that you think you’re about to die and you go running to the toilet and you leaned over the toilet, and you vomit like crazy. I mean you just empty every inch of your stomach into the toilet and immediately after you’ve instantly felt better, you feel better, you feel great it’s like all the bad feelings went away and suddenly “I feel so good now”.

This is the body the central nervous system rewarding you for complying with the instruction. It’s using carrot and stick with you, the stick is making you feel violently ill until you throw up your guts into the toilet and then soon as you’ve done that, it rewards you with the carrot for being a good boy or a good girl and doing as you were told. Exactly, this is the same with alcohol, it is a drug and it has a kick. Which means that 24 hours, 36 hours after you stop drinking, you’re going to feel pressure on you to drink again.

The drug alcohol is going to make you feel anxious jittery stressed and you’re going to think I just need a drink,  I just need to relax , I just need a drink and you take that first drink and you go “oh yeah oh man oh that’s the good stuff I needed that”  and that is the sensation of euphoria that Jay is talking about.

So, how is that not a benefit, and here’s why, because it’s not really euphoria, it’s a sleight of hand the evil-clown is playing a trick on you. At this point, because alcohol doesn’t create euphoria because if it did, then the more you drank the happier you would get. I mean people who’d had like 10 pints of lager would be on the ceiling, they’d be so happy but it doesn’t work like that, does it?

It’s a one-time reward, because that’s all it ever needs to be because, while you’re busy going “oh man that’s good”, the alcohol is busy in your brain, disabling the specific part of your brain responsible for making logical and sound decisions.  So, the very part of your brain that is capable of saying “probably best just to have the one drink” is being switched off while you’re distracted, the evil clown is busy disabling a part of your brain enabling you which will make you drink more than you wanted to. It will keep you drinking so, it can’t be a benefit, because actually something very bad is happening to you, you’re distracted by the momentary sensation of euphoria to stop you noticing something very bad happening to you.

It would be like you coming to me for a massage, and I give you the best massage of your life, I’m working those muscles and for an hour I’m just making you feel amazing and then, towards the end of the massage I inject some local anesthetic in your back, take out a razor blade and slash you with it, you don’t feel it but I’ve done some serious damage to you, now you could go around and say to people “man go to Craig back for a massage he’s amazing” but it’s not the truth is it I’m actually the worst masseuse in the world. I’m a little bit of a serial killer if you ask me, you wouldn’t recommend this once you worked out what was going on, would you?  As soon as you looked in the mirror, might hang on “what’s that at my back”, you wouldn’t be sending people to Craig back for a massage and this is what is happening with alcohol.

Alcohol is a serial killer but we don’t look in the mirror, we don’t see what’s going on and we’re all going; hey you should try this alcohol thing it’s great, makes me tastes fantastic, makes you look better in front of the ladies, gives you confidence, helps you sleep at night, it’s amazing, but by the way it kills you.

Its insane, alcohol has no benefits and I’m sorry Jay but that momentary sensation of euphoria is not a benefit, it’s a sleight of hand but thank you so much for emailing I do enjoy it when I get them if you have any questions or if you think you found a benefit please put it down in comment section below. If you’re still interested about why do people do lots of stuffs, check why do smoke.

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