Why Do People Drink?

Why do people drink alcohol? People drink for a variety of reasons.

A number of people drink because they like the taste of alcohol, which is a product made from fermented fruits, vegetables or grains. The yeast that is added during the process of fermentation changes the sugars of the raw products into alcohol. As a result of the fermentation process, the alcohol’s taste improves and becomes satisfying. A lot of people, especially the French and the Italians, enjoy meals accompanied by wine.

Another answer to the question about “why do people drink?” is that some people drink in order to experience the effects that alcohol produces. When the alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream, it has an effect on the brain and the spinal cord. Alcohol, because it is a depressant, slows down the central nervous system and affects its functions. Alcohol also has a tendency to block messages sent by the body towards the brain.

Other effects of consuming alcohol include altering perceptions, emotions, movement and balance, vision, and hearing. Drinking also gives individuals looser inhibitions, which makes them less shy. Alcohol also causes people to feel more at ease, more relaxed, and more outgoing temporarily.

People also drink to enhance one’s social influence. Drinking alcohol seems to be a highly encouraged mode of engaging in social interactions. From restaurants posting their daily specials to television advertisements of elites toasting wines as they engage in posh parties or football fans sharing beer while watching a game, every day is filled with reminders of how far social drinking has become a part of our human interactions.

In line with that, another reason we give to answer the query regarding “why do people drink?” is that some people tend to bend to social pressure. A number of us took our first shot of alcohol because of some kind of social pressure. Peer pressure not only works for high school and college students but also for colleagues at work. Attending social gatherings such as reunions and weddings can increase the pressure to engage in drinking.

However, some people take drinking to the extreme. So, why do people drink alcohol excessively? The difficulty lies with prolonged use and relying solely on the effects of alcohol to overcome one’s limitations. Stress relief and escaping from situations are only temporary effects of drinking alcohol and should not be the solution to one’s problems. If a person is drinking to numb a negative emotion or if someone is having trouble stopping the intake of alcohol, then their reasons for drinking already merit medical or clinical attention.

Whatever your reason for drinking, you should seriously consider checking into an alcoholism treatment center if your friends and loved ones tell you that you have been drinking a lot a little too often.

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