Why Do People Fight?

Why do people fight? Although being unique is one of humanity’s greatest gifts, it also seems to be man’s greatest flaws. When two parties have different views on a certain issue they often engage in a conflict. This conflict is the provided definition for the term “fighting.”

Fighting because of differences is a common phenomenon, and it is not limited solely to human beings but it is also observed among animals. The human psyche is both predetermined and groomed to be different. Parents, teachers and other mentors nurture us to assert our uniqueness, to be different. One explanation for “why do people fight?” is that a person may be involved in these differences and it overpowers them. This is also evident among animals of the same type but of different species who will still engage in fights. For example, even if hawks and chickens are both birds they will still be competing and fighting with each other.

Another answer to the question of “why do people fight?” is that our minds are pre-wired to believe that we are doing or saying the correct thing. People are born to think that they are right in whatever they choose to say or do. This tendency is colloquially termed as “pride.” Obviously though, we are not always right about everything and there will always be one who contends our thesis. Naturally, pride takes over and prevents us from admitting that we have been mistaken, even if we realize that we really are. As a result, a conflict arises among these two individuals who have different beliefs and thoughts about a subject but wherein both cannot accept that the other one is correct.

This further leads the conflicting individuals into an argument. However, we are only capable of withstanding as many insults and assaults on our pride to a certain limit. When a person reaches his or her limit, believing truly that one has been wronged, then the person breaks and lashes out. On the other hand, the contender or the perceived offender would also think that he has done nothing wrong, would see himself being wronged and being lashed out for insufficient reason. The following scenario would provide an explanation for why do people fight.

Arguments as simple as “who gets to control the remote” can sometimes lead to fights, which can similarly evolve into a full-scale battle. With over six billion people on earth, it is essential that conflicts are resolved immediately before they become wars among countries. This should be addressed in relation to the concepts of human pride and differences.

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