Why Do People Hate Feminism?

Today, we shall discuss why do people  hate feminism. A recent research has shown me that feminism has become an unpopular word why has the word become such an uncomfortable one you know if and this feel inclined to help you I want you to understand just why people hate feminism and feminists you have to understand that this is a big topic there are so many things that feminists do that are I don’t know how you described all this anti-egalitarian kind of supremacist.

If you will then this is probably going to turn into a series of writings. Let’s start with the brazen and very open man. We are going to start with an advert from pant head where they’re pandering to women sorry. but let’s recap what’s going on in each scenario woman interrupts man talking absolutely every reason to apologize a man would apologize to a man for interrupting his speech to ask a question woman interrupting someone unseen in their office again every reason for this person to apologize for interrupting woman’s elbow resting on the arm of the next chair so when the guy sits down, he is touching her and she apologizes for.

It completely normal again not a gender-based thing at all anyone should apologize for having done this mother apologizes to father for interrupting him by forcing him to take their child so she can do something else it’s a completely normal interaction and she’s just being polite there’s nothing wrong with this at all and women in a boardroom who are not giving the person trying to sit down enough space so they apologize sorry I wasn’t letting you sit down because I was taking up too much room woman apologizing to boyfriend because he has too much of the covers and she’s waking him up when she strength takes him possibly the only thing in these examples she shouldn’t actually apologize for out of politeness to people start talking at the same time and the woman apologizes for talking at the same time is the man again there’s no reason that you wouldn’t do that he is, in fact, being impolite for not apologizing as well.

So, what span tense suggestion five aggression why don’t we go back to the original thing that we did morning phenomena sorry no sorry bizarre nuts pound ten suggestion is for women to be passive-aggressive bitches.

I wouldn’t accept that kind of behavior from a man so why the hell would I accept it from a woman and you’ll notice in these clips women are exclusively doing this to men but you might be thinking well this is just inconsiderate what was the problem is really not that bad and it’s no it’s not these examples are not that bad but let’s have a look at Sarah Silverman’s advert from the 2015 Super Bowl Sarah.

There’s Wi-Fi calling from T-Mobile is the best, I can talk from anywhere in my mansion I already have it you sound great in my hydroponic kale garden receptions great in my subterranean petting zoo crystal clear from my trophy room I’ll clarify in my figure skaters basement sounds great from my underground delivery room sorry it’s a boy and that ladies and gentlemen sums up modern feminism sorry it’s a boy a hundred years ago this advert would have been sorry it’s a nigger now everyone who isn’t a feminist is probably thinking wow I can understand why suddenly people were pissed off with this advert.

But feminists not only wouldn’t hear of it they would go as far as to defend this advert sorry dude bros sell the sermons sorry it’s a boy Superbowl ad isn’t sexist males quote unquote are happy to call misandry while totally overlooking what’s hashtag everyday sexism really looks like it’s this kind of absolute contempt for men is the reason why people think that feminists hate men this is the sort of contempt you would expect white nationalists who have for black people this complete disregard of a legitimate criticism which the writer handles in the stupidest way possible.

They claim that this isn’t everyday sexism because the actual reality of everyday sexism from treating threats to release women’s private information as a hoax to actually really seeing women’s private photos to telling women to smile on the streets but never calling it harassment to banning’s women’s bodies on social media all the way to paying them less for the same work these are ridiculous justifications for this kind of prejudice being so blithely thrown around you compare this to what they claim is institutionalized oppression and misogyny.

So if we’re going to examine this the quickest one to pick apart is paying them less for the same work Sarah there’s Wi-Fi calling from T-Mobile is the best yeah I can talk from anywhere in my mansion you don’t see the irony of this salon that’s all do you okay well banning women’s bodies on social media because Instagram banned pubic hairs but then retracted their position this is justification for prejudice against men by a woman who lives in a mansion is it okay well how about telling women to smile on the street.

This is just a link to salons tag of street harassment the first story taking place in Afghanistan of all places the second story being of a man who got stabbed the third one is a woman apologizing for lying to people needless to say none of this is justification for prejudice against men and lastly apparently threatening to release women’s private information to actually release in the information as awful as it is when a woman’s ex-boyfriends or random strangers on the Internet threatened to leak nude pictures of those women it simply does not equate to institutionalized oppression so not only will feminists defend a man hatred when they see it the vast amounts of feminist arts and literature seem to revolve exclusively around the concept of man-hatred.

For example, the manifesto by Valerie Solanas that says that men have spoilt the world and it’s up to women to ameliorate it and to achieve this goal it suggests the formation of scum an organization dedicated overthrow society and Alexa Co is a job of typing.

Finally I dedicate this play too high for independent research into men married women and other degenerates presentation of the rationale and program of action of scum Society for cutting up men so it’s that kind of callousness that leads us to the popular hashtag kill all men.

A hashtag so counterproductive to the feminist movement feminists are trying to stop it and I’ve seen my opinion is just a shout into the void but I will say it because I’m mad okay so what send me off to make this video was mainly the kill all men hashtag that is going on in Twitter and recently it’s been creeping up on Tumblr and see the people who are on Twitter who are supporting this I’m really Tumblr feminists and I have a huge problem with these people I used to be okay with it I used to tolerate it even agree with some of it but it’s gotten out of hand as you can see we’re trying to kill all men and I’ll put a few pictures up while I talk here because to give a few examples it’s a real thing and it’s worrying me because Tom there’s a huge community.

So, feminists were falling over themselves to show just how this wasn’t true at no point did I see any of them turning around and asking themselves why does everyone think this is true so when Emma Watson is standing before the UN pondering and denying feminism.

Therefore,  because feminists seem to hate men and when they’re called on it they will go as far as to redefine words for their own convenience this picture comes from a gender studies textbook redefining the definition of sexism to include power and they’ve used this as rationale to say well if we can’t be sexist towards men then we can literally say anything we want towards men we can be as quote-unquote ironically miss and rest as we like because apparently, women do not hold institutional power as if that matters in interpersonal interactions and they do it to ameliorate the guilt of being vile human beings. If you have a contrary opinion, feel free to use the comment sections and also check out the article on why do people break-up.


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