Why Do People Kidnap?

When you watch the news on television and see some kidnapping incidents, you might be one of those people asking why do people kidnap? Kidnapping is not a good act and if someone is proven to have committed this crime, he has to face the consequences. Depending upon the level of the crime, any person proven to be guilty can be asked to pay money in addition to a number of years of imprisonment.

On the other hand, it might be good to know why some people commit the crime of kidnapping when in fact they know that this can lead them to a life they have never imagined of going through. Any person in his or her right mind would not want to spend years and years of his or her life in jail. Some people who have experienced this have said that every second in a prison cell is like hell. They have promised themselves that they will not commit any more crime when they are released and will start to live a normal life.

However, it cannot be denied that some people still commit terrible crimes for reasons that are not suitable. Some people kidnap because of money. They want to abduct the wealthiest man in town and demand his relatives to pay a considerable amount before they will release the person they have abducted. Greed is one of the reasons why people kidnap since they do not wish to work and earn money the normal way. They want easy money and do not want to use their physical body to earn an income. However, some people kidnap because this is the only option they can think of. They need considerable amounts of money because one of their family members is in a struggle to live, but does not have the money to bring him or her to the hospital. Although, this reason can be quite acceptable, the act of producing money this way is not at all good. They still commit a crime and will have to face the consequences.

Another reason why some people kidnap is revenge. They want to take vengeance into their own hands. They think that doing this will make them happy and the person who has hurt them will feel the same suffering which they have gone through, or are going through. Whatever the reasons behind kidnapping, a person who has committed such a crime cannot claim that he is indeed happy after doing it. It must be understood that every person has a conscience and that alone is enough to bother the people who have done such crimes. So no matter what the reasons are why people kidnap, it is still a terrible crime.


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