Why Do People Like Exercise?

Today, we shall discuss about why do people like exercise. Do you think exercise is fun?  No, really. So, it’s not true for everybody but that’s probably because there’s lots of reasons exercise sucks. First, it hurts, shake off that companion shake off that pain this is becoming a runner. I’ve had pain in my knees, my ankles blisters on my feet, blister on my nipples and running in bad weather, in the rain, an extreme heat extreme cold, extreme rain and extreme snow.

Secondly, it’s inconvenient, it takes up our precious Netflix time or other important matters like when you’re visiting a family and you have to inform them that you’re going to exercise. So, you have to step away for a while, you usually take it pretty well though. Who are you the way the Johnson do jumping jacks in the shower since while I Drive pull-ups on the fridge while frying eggs with my feet that’s so true one foot holds a spatula one foot holds of garlic salt my knees crack the area it’s delicious? The inconvenience of exercise, it tears my family apart that’s all three.

Also, it’s boring doing the same routine over and over again, is basically the definition of boredom. Look at those synonyms monotonous repetitive jejune exercises did you asked you guys always say that yet despite all of this, after running and doing various exercise for the past few years I have to say that I’ve come to the point where I like it.

I actually crave it. In fact, I still don’t know exactly why I like it and that’s what I’m trying to find out. I’m talking about reasons other than health and beauty because those aren’t reasons you like it.

Necessarily, those are reasons you do or just results everybody knows that if you exercise regularly you live to be 150 years and you become an all-seeing all-knowing space baby at the center of the universe problem is when people start doing something that’s good for them that they discover is unpleasant they stop doing it like dieting knowing that your future self will be a shapely demigod of divine glory and splendor.

It is apparently not enough for most, involves health and beauty. I feel like that’s what people mean when they say exercise because like when I’m going to go for a hike, I don’t say I’m going to go exercise so then why do you exercise? why do you go to the gym to maintain my level of fitness? To prevent future injury, to keep my health up and to remain the same size I have been but not everyone can be Hank Green.

In addition, there is some sort of inherent enjoyment it’s scientifically there is right like whether you’re exercising or you’re eating a doughnut there’s a release of endorphins  but it’s way faster to eat a doughnut and weigh less.

The runner’s high and endorphin and dopamine  boosts but that’s not really what I’m looking for, like I can’t just run around and say would you be more likely to exercise if I told you that the endorphins feel great. Apparently, the endorphin boost wasn’t enough for Jordan at first either.

I was getting like bodybuilding I was running a lot but I was super bored by all of it, bored one of my three tiers of exercise. Let’s start a new list reasons people like exercise competition. Exercise gives you concrete measurable goals that allow you to compete with yourself and prove that you’re better than others. You should always try to compare yourself to other people but there’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition it’s motivating and it’s inherently fun it’s the reason we play games and watch other people play games and watch other people watch other people play games personally.

I enjoy seeing how far and how fast I can run and seeing if I can improve it for next time and running’s beautiful because the group dynamic is what makes the exercise fun. There’s like this bonding experience that happened because shared misery and like shared pain once in a while and I’m running like it’d be nice to have other people around.

So, a second reason this might be camaraderie depending on what kind of exercise you’re doing and if you’re a hermetic misanthropic but face like myself it’s just something fun and comfortable going through some stuff with your brothers and your sisters, why they started the Fight Club in that movie whatever it was called John Green experienced some camaraderie and a thing he did called 100 days my best friend, where Chris and I are going to spend a hundred days doing whatever it takes to make lasting healthy changes in our lives.

Also, I guess we’re just jumping to another thing on the list just jump in no Phil, we’re not going to do that reference again time for yourself, you take a moment for yourself stop thinking about everything else for a while. I like Pilates that gets me out of a work space and then to a concentrating on my physical self-space. There is a joy in focus when I’m running, I don’t know what I’m thinking about, I’m not solving problems, I’m not doing work, I’m just like thinking about the next step in the book.

It makes you generally happier and more comfortable in your own skin. So, we’ll add feel better to the list. Like it makes you hungry, one of the things I love about exercise actually it’s like afterward I’m like “oh I’m so hungry right now”. There’s just something about feeling hungry and then eating that just feels so good desire followed by fulfillment

In fact, what happened is that when I started exercising, I started writing more, I found that somehow, I had more time and more energy for writing and I really think in the end that’s why I was able to finish a new book. So, we’ll add to the list, it increases young adult novel output. Eventually, you feel that release of endorphins you know you’re going to feel good after the workout, you’re going to feel accomplished and just healthier

I think some people aren’t designed to do that at the very least like walking around your neighborhood, it’s not just like sort of physical body movement, it’s also it makes you feel like you’re more in touch with and involved in your community, more aware of your neighbors and the businesses around,  just feel more present in your physical space, look at that one more thing to add to the list.

It’s fun to explore for walking or running or biking at least. I guess if you’re home doing push-ups you could explore the smell of the carpet or if you’re doing situps, could explore the smells. I truly enjoy exploring my neighborhood or getting to know a new city. For instance, this path goes right past the sewage treatment plant bad example I was jogging all around going down different pathways looking for this big lake, I found it. So, there you go, there are some reasons to enjoy exercise, maybe that’ll help motivate you maybe not, you don’t have to exercise. You do whatever you want what about your doctor. Now you know the reasons that people like exercise are you more likely to exercise, you can check out our article on  why do people fast.


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