Why Do People Marry?

Why do people marry? This question is often faced by most couples contemplating on getting married. Whatever their answers may be, it is important that couples enter marriage with realistic expectations.

When asked the question “Why do people marry?” a lot of engaged couples would say that they would like to enjoy a lifelong companionship and mutual support with their partner. Tying the knot gives the couple the license to intensely and passionately love each other legally. Couples get married in the hopes of raising a family of their own and having someone to grow old with.

People see marriage as one of the milestones in their lives. So much love and devotion is visible at the onset of the marriage, but what happens in the long run is a set of not just happy moments but of hardships and challenges as well. All of a sudden, the wife starts to nag and the husband becomes dull and boring.

The woman sometimes starts to gain weight and tends to lose the need to be beautiful at all times for her husband, while the husband is too engrossed with his work to earn money for his family. Husband and wife starts to yell, complain, and scream at each other and soon enough, they find themselves falling out of love for each other. Couples forget the vows they declared and the marriage simply becomes solely an arrangement of looking after their kids. In reality, it’s sad when the marriage starts to crumble, but these are some of the factors that infest the married life of a couple. And this leads you to ask yourself, “Why do people marry despite the ensuing marital problems?”

So, why do people marry even if they know that marriage is not just a bed of roses? Obviously, there are still people who believe in everlasting love. These people see marriage as a binding promise to love and cherish each other, regardless of the obstacles that they will be facing in their married life. They believe that life is much more meaningful when shared with the person they love. Having someone by their side, through thick and thin, is a reward in itself.

The best advice that can be given to all engaged couples is that they should marry for the right reasons. Couples must need to understand that marriage is embarking on a long, unknown, challenging and difficult journey. It is important to discern the harsh realities that they might face when they jump into marriage. In that way, they will be ready to face the adversities and hardships that come along with it.



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