Why Do People Rebel?

If you are one of those people asking why do people rebel against governments and authority such as their parents then you might have seen a lot of things that might have happened the past. History is full of people who are trying to rebel against governments and their parents. They want to resist control or authority. It is believed that people rebel against authority due to the fact that they feel controlled or trapped. Other people rebel simply because they want independence. If people think that their rights are being controlled or ignored, it is human nature to react and do something to show that they are willing to fight back.


For children, often they want to show that they are trying to rebel against their parents by not following the house rules. Every home has its rules, whether they are spoken or unspoken. These rules consist of a moral code, family values and behavioral expectations that parents look to their children to live by. Usual house rules outline what media and language have forbidden or allowed in the home, how to treat members of the family and how to behave.


A teenager may rebel against such rules by not sticking to a curfew, by refusing to do homework or by watching movies or TV shows that parents may consider improper. Teenagers can aggressively protest or passively ignore their house rules. A lot of teenagers fail to display correct admiration for their parents. Actions which are considered rude by parents will differ from one family to another and the reasons why people rebel against their parents vary from person to person. Teenagers in particular are often lying, talking back and other bad behaviors to their parents to show they are being disrespectful. However, it must be understood that teens often go through social adjustments and hormonal changes and anyone that interferes in their path can become the victims of their negative mood swings. But parents must not just tolerate disrespectful behavior, otherwise the children may think that it is okay to do so and might do it with other adults or teachers.


Teenagers can also rebel though refusing to take the advice or listen to the directives of their parents. They don’t honor their requests. Rebellious teenagers will frequently refuse to complete tasks which their parents request of them such as cleaning the bedroom or taking out the trash. Moreover, they will not dress in the manner their parents require. In such cases, parents must understand how and why people rebel against them and other authorities for them to know how to deal with it positively.

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