Why Do People Start Smoking?

Have you ever wondered why do people start smoking? There are millions of smokers all over the world despite the worldwide campaign regarding its harmful effects on the body. Apparently, knowing that smoking is highly related to the lethal lung cancer and other deadly serious diseases associated to both consumption and consistent exposure to cigarette smoke. Indeed, even passive smoking has negative consequences on the human body.

The answer to the question “why do people start smoking?” is complicated. Apart from being widely available and accessible, cigarettes are a fairly inexpensive vice. Governments are increasing their efforts to make more people aware of the health risks of smoking, and some have banned smoking in indoor public places.

Why do people start smoking? Majority of smokers start early, commonly during their teens. Young as they are, they don’t really think about the addictive consequences and health risks that accompany the act of smoking. As teenagers, they usually think they can give it a try, puff a few times, and then leave smoking easily. They do not realize how nicotine and the act of smoking are very addictive. Within only a short period of exposure, the child who smokes a cigarette can experience more cravings and withdrawal symptoms than an adult experiences.

Peer pressure plays a very important part in answering the question of “why do people start smoking?” A number of children who start smoking were invited to try a puff by their friends or were coaxed into smoking to be part of the group, especially if the person feels despondent and has self-esteem issues. If people with low self-esteem also smoke, then they believe that they will be accepted by their peers as one of them. Some advertisements also give these children an impression that smoking is highly sociable, like a sure way of attracting an ideal partner by looking sultry and sexy.

Others may have started smoking because they grew up in an environment where the adults smoke and they want to look or act like these adults. There are also a number of children who start smoking as an act of defiance or rebellion against the adults, mostly their parents or the other people in authority. Since it is prohibited to smoke as a minor, or before the age of sixteen or eighteen in a number of countries, some kids try out smoking for the thrill or excitement of disobeying the law. They enjoy the feeling of having escaped from the claws of authority and being able to do what only grown-ups are allowed to do all the time.

One should remember though that campaigns should redirect their focus on how to get people to stop smoking effectively rather than knowing why do people start smoking.

There are many reasons why many people smoke, but health is often the primary reason why many smokers want to quit and maybe get help from a substance abuse treatment center in the process.

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