Why do people watch WWE?

Today, I really want to know why do people especially,wrestling fans continue to watch WWE. Now you may say the same thing about me, because I have a wrestling content on my channel but, the thing is, you don’t see me here reviewing these shows every week. Why because, I don’t watch it, the only thing I’ve reviewed from the current product was this part of royal rumble, where I only did at that video just to make fun of the current product and it was just a one-time thing. The videos were just me trashing the current direction of WWE and judging by my recent videos that I’ve been making, I’ve been mostly talking about gaming and a retro wrestling pay-per-view reviews just to remind fans how good wrestling used to be. So, I don’t have the network because I refused to support WWE, and even with the past content they have, I know I still be giving them my money.

There are other ways I can watch past stuff for free online and I already have a collection of WCW, ECW, WWF, and ruthless aggression terror DVDs in my collection. The thing is I’m actually smart enough to not support something I don’t like, unlike most offends a company that thinks it’s okay to be lazy because they don’t have any competition doesn’t deserve my support but I mean let’s just get on to the main topic here. I mean come on now, why do wrestling fans continue to watch WWE, now look if you’re a fan means that you somehow enjoy of the current WWE product, good for you because you have shitty taste in wrestling but enjoy what you enjoy.

However, if you’re someone that complains about WWE, but still watches it then this video is for you because I don’t know how wrestling fans can continue to watch WWE. I mean come on now, there’s nothing to look forward to anymore, the shows are lazily written, there are no more mega stars anymore, wrestling is not must-see TV and it’s just not cool anymore. So why do people continue to watch it, if they hate it so much, I mean come on, like one of the most illogical things you can do if you hate the current product so much is to just stop watching it.

I know you’ve probably heard of this before from these, a faggot ass kissing apologetic or wrestling fans that tell you to stop watching if you don’t like it because they don’t like hearing the truth. But honestly, I think you should, not because they told you so but because it’s for your own good. I mean let’s be honest here, when you watch RAW every single week, are you actually hoping for something good to happen because you still have that glimmer of hope that shit will change or are you just watching the show. Is it just a complain about it, because the thing is, if you know that WWE sucks again, why do you continue to watch it? You should already know what you’re going to get every single week when you watch RAW and smackdowns. I mean come on now a lot of their shows are just unbearable to watch, there are like many things I hate about the current WWE product and I could make along a fucking list of legit reasons of after wise this shit fucking sucks.

But I wouldn’t want this post to go on too long, but the two most important things they could do to at least keep a fan of watching is good writing and creativity and judging by what I’m seeing nowadays, there is none of that. If a wrestling fan know that WWE is going to be this way again, why do they continue to watch it if WWE doesn’t want to build stars anymore then why should anybody care about any of these current guys, knowing damn good and well if they’ll never be above a certain level because of the company won’t allow them to or maybe the talent just fucking sucks and it really amazes me how people can still mark out for any of these NXT call ups to the main roster and still have the hope of that WWE will make good use of them.

I mean as soon as they really have a faith that WWE is going to make good use of these guys, if that’s the case, the fans are just stupid, gullible wrestling fans with incredibly low standards. I’ve let this company twice into the path of thinking they could honestly not fuck up the Nexus and CM punk. Though, they may have fooled me twice but they’re not going to fool me again for a third time. Apparently, these fans let that happen to them like hundreds of times, but are still left disappointed. Should you really be disappointed, what do you expect from WWE these days and honestly, I don’t know why some wrestling youtubers still review this shit every single week but still complain about this shit. Some wrestling youtubers just say because they have a strong passion for the WWE, no matter how bad it gets. But others have a set target as they just do it because they have a YouTube channel to run because of their audience demands it and a youtuber pays to them to do these videos. Whereas if they weren’t running a wrestling channel, they wouldn’t be watching this shit anymore.

However, I have seen more and more wrestling youtubers that no longer do wrestling videos anymore. Mainly due to how bad this shit has gotten guys into and honestly, I think more of them should just stop because what the fuck is there that’s interesting in wrestling these days. But then we get to the fans of that hijack of the shows this is going to be a response to a youtuber who mentions why he hates at the post WrestleMania because it’s nothing but a bunch of a sweaty stinking neckbeard smarts hijacking these shows and he comes up with a lot of authority.

Pointing one of the main things he mentions is that, fans are just going to the other shows just to act like a bunch of idiots and I find that to be incredibly sad and pathetic because I could not think of a bigger waste of a time than to go to a show just to act like a jackass. If you’re not in it for the show then why are you is there in the first place. What because you think of that acting like an idiot will make a WWE listen to your newsflash jackasses. You’ve already paid to get into the arena’s so why shouldn’t they listen to you, but then again most wrestling fans don’t have a very high IQ.


In conclusion, you guys are just better off not watching this shit anymore. This shit will probably never get better and it’s really not that hard to stop watching for someone like me that has a life and other interest outside of professional wrestling like gaming and many more. It really doesn’t bother me one bit that I don’t keep up with the current product and guess what I really don’t miss it one bit. I didn’t even watch WrestleMania because what’s the point and don’t tell me to watch other wrestling promotions because honestly the type of shows you guys like are nothing but a bunch of vanilla midget indie feds that do nothing but flips and kicks guys face. Therefore, wrestling is dead accept it, unless major changes happen, nothing in wrestling is worth of your time I’m out.Feel free to check out my post on why people fight.


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