Why do people wear thongs?

Today, I would like to debate an important topic about why girls wear thongs. Ladies, this is one that I have a feeling you are going to be well qualified to answer. However, you’ll find out why soon. So as a guy I’ve been wondering what the deal is with thongs, they always look so uncomfortable.  I guess, I understand that they hide panty lines but seems to me that the discomfort of a wedgie all day would outweigh the pros.  It would be cool to hear your opinion from the comment section as long as they are about thongs.

One of the feedbacks I get is they are uncomfortable at first so when you guys start wearing thongs, I think partly it is so that you don’t have the panty line and I think the other part is there’s a societal expectation that you wear thongs and so my dating the day out about, I think. So, I think you know it’s just kind of expected that you wear thongs because guys are like “oh look if it’s a normal” like brief underwear. And for the guys, it’s like “oh granny panties ooh” and once you start wearing thongs—either 14 or 15 size or something—you’re like more tied. I want to wear granny panties so I’m going to get these like sizes 14 or 15 but even now when I see visible panty lines, I am caught off guard because I don’t expect to see it.

You know what I mean, I expect to see kind of the either the lines of the thong or nothing at all.Therefore, what do you think when you see it, so you say you’re caught off guard, do you think “oh she should wear a pendant, oh okay”. It’s something that I do pay attention to if you will. I never heard of that before really okay but here’s the thing, so I am with the uncomfort factor at first, they are the most uncomfortable thing that is all you can think about when you first start wearing a thong. But now, I’m going to give you the breakdown, they’re different kinds of thongs and they range in comfort level, so there’s the why girls where it’s basically just a string and you don’t really feel that “oh yeah I thought that would be most uncomfortable”. I don’t feel at all or regular thong, I don’t feel about theoretically if you ever wore one. Some people do say “if it’s as it gets thicker, I find it’s more uncomfortable” –I’ve heard that before as well. But, here’s the thing, because it’s more conscious, there’s more of it and now when I wear briefs or something like that to me, I’m more aware that I’m wearing underwear, I’m more aware of there’s something between my butt than when I’m wearing thongs.

Furthermore, I think partly is because of modern-day fashion, that way that clothes fit and they’re tight and they’re Jonathon material, yoga pants. In fact, you do wear thongs often so that you don’t see the visible panty line but now I think there’s kind of more of a movement to girls wearing like boy shorts and things like that under dresses because you don’t want to show all the goods. For example, when I went to an all-girls high school and we had like little pleated skirts and under those, I mean I was walking upstairs and things like that. So, I wore boy shorts under that because you know in some sort of outfits as long as you don’t touch any lights on, it’s visible.

Therefore, I’ve talked about on the last reason I think girls do it is, let’s say they’re of a certain age where they can engage in extracurricular activities of the sexual nature then it’s expected that you’re wearing a thong so is that only meant before when you said it’s a societal expectation. I am not saying you should wear it when it’s going to be seen or just always know I think there’s a sign of expectation when you’re wearing an outfit not to have the visible panty line. I think, it is more comfortable especially like if you’re working out and things like that and I think when it’s going to be seen it is definitely more expected that you’ll be have a thong. I also get questions like,“yeah you said it’s really uncomfortable when you start wearing it you mean like your first pair whatever but is it also really uncomfortable for the first little bit of every time of wearing it?”

My usual response is a NO as it doesn’t take a while to forget. I’m just curious about that because that’s an interesting question so that might be real here. Personally, I don’t wear thongs to bed because that to me like the way that you’re moving in bed, like I’m displayed out and I don’t want something all up in my business especially sometimes you get other wedgies that aren’t necessarily of the back nature. So, you’d like for me in bed, when I’m moving around, my legs are like contorted positions or something like that. I don’t want to wear a thong but during the day like when I flip it on, I don’t even think about it. Overall, if you could change the societal expectation and change people’s view of the visible panty line would you state a system where girls didn’t have to wear thongs and go back to where I want it, just regular pants.

However, there are opposite opinions that it wouldn’t be interesting. For instance, I enjoy your standing for tradition, I enjoy those underwear it is nice and I do feel more comfortable when I’m working out and like running in them and when I flip on like if I’m you know just kind of farting around the house or whatever and I’m wearing boy shorts  from Chipotle and I have to run out and I throw on a pair of pants. Particularly, my pants are a lot tighter in the booty region because there’s extra layer of fabric just good that I’m usually not used to it. So, then I feel like I’m like “oh I feel thicker” I feel like people are going to prefer it because your mom on these jeans are like so you know what I mean “there’s like no fabric there”.

Therefore, it’s like super special jeggings and maybe if I was wearing baggy jeans it would be different. But, if you’re wearing you know Jay or Beijing then, you don’t need the extra cushion. So, we’ve learnt a lot, I don’t think anyone has ever dumped into thongs so deep. Therefore, any thoughts from our resident ladies; do you have any additional reasons why you either like or dislike wearing thongs?  Do you stand against thongs and refuse to wear them, let us know your opinions from the comment section.Check out my new post on why do people shop if you’re still interested in fashion.


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