Why Do People Whistle?

Why do people whistle while they are working or doing something? Did you ever hear the song “whistle while you work”? Whistling is a fun thing to do. It is considered to be on a par with humming or singing and is thought to be a type of musical expression by a lot of people. When it is done properly and has tune and rhythm, then it can be a very good melody to the ears of those who hear it. Whistling can serve as music, especially in places where they are devoid of new technology, and it is enjoyed by many.

It is also an art that can also be mastered by many. People who have a passion for humming or singing can whistle without any difficulty at all. It can serve as a defense mechanism for some people so they can forget their problems in a safe but enjoyable way. Can you imagine a place where music is the way to cope with problems? It would be a wonderful world I guess. People wouldn’t think of turning to alcohol, smoking or drugs for temporary release from their problems or pains.

Some people also love to whistle for fun. They find pleasure and satisfaction when they are doing this. They can whistle a tune they like and feel like they are singing. Some people would like to become a singer but can’t because their voice is not good enough, but would rather whistle, because with whistling no one can ever tell you that you have a terrible voice. However, they can enjoy the kind of tune you are creating.

Another reason why people whistle is to impress someone. They can hum a tune they want and not all people can do that. Thus, if you want to impress someone, but are not blessed with a good singing voice, do it through whistling. They may have admiration for you because of your talent or skill.

At other times, some people whistle in an attempt to imitate a song or tune that is playing repeatedly in their head. This is driving them insane so they need to get it out, by whistling the song. Some people are incredibly good at it. They are able to produce incredible music with their whistling skills. This talent is great as long as it is used in the right way, and doesn’t annoy people too much. Another reason why people whistle is to pass the time away, since they are either dull or bored and they want to do something worthwhile.


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