Why Do Cats Do Weird, Funny And Entertaining Things?

We’ve all been there – you’re sitting in your living room, and suddenly, out of the corner of your eye, you spot your cat doing something utterly ridiculous. Whether it’s chasing a dust particle or batting at an invisible toy on the floor, cats never fail to surprise us with their goofy behavior. In fact, recent studies have found that around 70% of people believe cats are funnier than dogs! But why do cats do so many weird and funny things?

For some pet owners, these antics can be downright baffling. After all, we don’t always understand what our feline friends are up to when they act so strangely. That said, if we take a closer look at why cats behave this way, much of the mystery starts to unravel. From hunting instincts to natural curiosity, there could be any number of reasons behind those peculiar behaviors.

No matter how comical their actions may seem sometimes, one thing is for sure: having a cat in the house will definitely keep things interesting! If you’re curious as to what makes cats tick and why they do such oddball things from time-to-time – then read on!

## Why Do Cats Follow People

Do cats have a thing for following us around? We can’t take one step without them darting after us, even to the most secluded places like bathrooms. It’s almost as if they instinctively know our every move! If you’ve ever wondered why cats follow people, then this article is for you.

For starters, it could be instinctive behavior from their wild ancestors – who used stalking and sneaking up on prey in order to survive. Cats are hardwired with these primitive instincts that compel them to pursue anything of interest. In addition, cats may also find comfort in being near people because we provide warmth during cold days or nights.

Not only that but some cats might perceive humans as part of their social group and want to stay close by when they feel uncertain or stressed. They might see us as an ally and seek protection at times of need; so closely mimicking human behavior such as walking beside us gives them a sense of security. Furthermore, cats also just love spending time with their owners and enjoy exploring new environments together – whether it’s the kitchen or bathroom!

We’ve established why cats may choose to follow people, but what about those trips into the bathroom? Let’s explore…

## Why Do Cats Follow People Into The Bathroom

Did you know that the average house cat spends 70% of its time sleeping? That leaves it with plenty of energy to do all sorts of weird, funny, and entertaining things. One amusing thing cats often do is follow their owners into the bathroom! Why do they insist on doing this?

First off, cats may be following us into the bathroom because they are curious creatures by nature. They want to see what we’re up to and explore any unknown place. The fact that our bathrooms have a lot of shiny surfaces such as mirrors and taps can also draw them in – not to mention potential hiding spots behind the shower curtains or under sinks. Cats love small places like these where they feel safe and secure.

In addition, cats tend to bond closely with their humans, so much so that some become quite clingy especially when their owners leave for extended periods of time. As such, if your cat follows you into the bathroom it may simply be trying to stay close to you at all times – even if that means watching from afar while you attend to business in there!

It’s clear that cats show loyalty and affection towards their people in various ways; one being tagging along wherever we go (even if it’s just down the hall). While it is certainly an adorable sight, make sure your furry friend doesn’t come too close lest it end up getting hurt amid slippery tiles or other hazards found in most bathrooms. And now let’s move onto why cats sometimes wander over to other people’s houses…

## Why Do Cats Go To Other People’s Houses

Do cats have a sense of wanderlust? It can certainly seem that way, as they often take it upon themselves to visit the homes of their nearby neighbors. Whether this is out of curiosity or simply because they know there’s likely some good food waiting for them, it never fails to amuse us when our feline friends show up uninvited and unexpected.

Cats are naturally drawn to places where they feel safe and comfortable. If another person’s home offers these qualities, your cat may be tempted to explore its new surroundings – or maybe even stay awhile! After all, who could resist exploring an unfamiliar place with so many intriguing nooks and crannies? Plus, cats love adventure, and nothing beats discovering something new every time you walk through someone else’s door.

It doesn’t hurt that most people find cats adorable, either. And if there’s an especially friendly cat in the neighborhood that everyone loves, chances are it’ll get extra attention wherever it goes. Of course, no one knows exactly why cats do what they do – but we can assume that getting plenty of petting from adoring fans is part of the draw!

The mystery remains: What motivates our furry friends to seek out other people’s homes? Well-fed cats probably don’t need more food; perhaps it’s just plain old curiosity (or boredom) driving them on their trips across town. Whatever the case may be, it always brings a smile to our faces whenever we see a little visitor at our doorstep – ready for their next great adventure!

## Why Do Cats Bite People’s Ankles

We all know cats can be a bit strange, doing funny and entertaining things. But why do they bite people’s ankles? It may seem like an odd behavior to us humans, but there are actually some valid reasons behind it.

On the one hand, cats biting their owners’ ankles could indicate that they’re feeling stressed or insecure. This is because when cats feel threatened in any way, they tend to resort to aggressive behaviors as a means of self-defense. Therefore, if your cat is suddenly behaving differently around you, try looking out for signs of stress such as hiding away from people or other animals more often than usual.

Conversely, cats biting your ankles might just mean they’re playing with you! Cats have very sharp teeth and claws which make them great hunters – so when they see something moving quickly (such as your feet), they instinctively want to pounce on it and play with it. This type of behavior is especially common amongst kittens who don’t yet understand the concept of ‘gentle touching’. So if this happens occasionally then don’t worry too much about it – unless the bites become painful or start breaking skin.

In addition to these two possibilities, cats sometimes even use ankle biting as a form of communication; they may nip at your legs while walking past them in order to get your attention! So next time your cat bites you, take a step back and ask yourself what might be causing them to act out in such a way – chances are it has nothing to do with aggression or playfulness at all!

Understanding our feline friends requires patience and empathy – luckily though, once we learn how to interpret their body language properly, we can usually tell whether their actions come from love or fear. With that said, let’s move onto the next topic: why do cats groom people?

## Why Do Cats Groom People

Did you know that cats spend an average of 10-15% of their waking hours grooming themselves or other animals? It’s no wonder then why cats like to groom us too! You may have noticed that your pet loves to lick, nibble and suckle on your skin. But why do cats groom people?

Cats show affection by licking and nuzzling humans as a way to bond with them. They also use it for communication – if you’re petting them in the wrong spot, they might give you a gentle nip or lick to tell you where they’d prefer being scratched instead. Grooming is also part of a cat’s natural instinct; not only does it help keep their fur clean, but it can be calming when done in moderation. Additionally, since socializing among cats involves mutual grooming, this behaviour could be seen as an extension of feline friendship towards humans.

Cats will sometimes even groom strangers due to curiosity or comfort seeking behaviour – if someone has been around enough times and made friends with the cat taking care not to scare them away, the animal may eventually start rubbing against them and giving them licks. This suggests that cats view certain people as members of their family and feel safe enough around them to share some cuddle time.

Grooming isn’t just about expressing love though – there’s actually quite a bit going on behind those cute little faces! Cats are able to pick up subtle cues from our body language which helps them decide whether we’re feeling relaxed or upset. When we appear stressed out or anxious, a cat may respond by trying to calm us down through purring and licking us gently. So next time your kitty gives you some loving scratches, remember it’s likely because they care about how you’re feeling! As such transitions into ‘why do cats growl at people’, understanding why our furry companions choose certain behaviours over others can help us build stronger relationships with our pets.

## Why Do Cats Growl At People

Cats are mysterious and captivating creatures, often leaving us wondering what they could be thinking. Growling is one of the more common sounds cats make, but when a cat growls at you it can feel like an intimidating warning sign. It’s natural to have some concern about why cats might growl at people, as these reactions aren’t always easy to understand.

It’s important to remember that cats communicate in different ways than humans do – their body language tells a story all its own. When a cat growls or hisses at someone, it’s usually because they feel threatened in some way. Cats may also growl if something suddenly startles them or if they don’t recognize the person approaching them. It’s possible for even well-mannered cats to become aggressive if they sense danger from a stranger or unfamiliar situation.

The sound of a cat’s growling can be quite alarming and it may take time for your pet to get used to certain people or situations before feeling comfortable enough not to express themselves with aggression. If your cat is exhibiting this behavior during playtime – such as swatting or biting – then this is just normal feline behavior and should not be taken too seriously unless the intensity increases significantly over time.

It’s also important to pay attention to any other signs that accompany your cat’s growling, such as flattened ears, dilated pupils, raised fur along their back and tail flicking back and forth quickly. This combination of vocalizations and body language signals that your cat is feeling uncomfortable or anxious and may need additional reassurance through gentle petting or calming words before moving forward into whatever has made them uneasy. Understanding why cats growl at people can help create a better relationship between felines and their owners so everyone involved feels safer and more secure together!

## Why Do Cats Hate Certain People

When it comes to cats and humans, the relationship can be complicated. While some cats seem to love their owners unconditionally, others may not even let them come near. So why do cats hate certain people?

There are a few possible explanations for this behavior in our furry friends:
• Cats have strong memories – if you’ve ever done something that your cat didn’t like or scared them, they’ll remember it;
• They might see someone as a threat – if a stranger is too loud, moves quickly or makes sudden movements around an unfamiliar feline;
• Some cats just don’t like being touched by anyone other than their owners;
• Stressful situations such as moving house or having visitors can cause anxiety in cats which can lead to aggression.

Whatever the reason for this behavior, it’s important for us to try and understand where our cats are coming from. If we take the time to observe when our beloved felines don’t feel comfortable with somebody else, then we’ll know how best to help them out of those situations. We should also keep in mind that although we may think we’re being nice when approaching a strange cat, they often perceive things differently and could become frightened or agitated. This doesn’t mean that all hope is lost though! With patience and understanding on both sides of the equation, there’s always room for improvement between human and cat relationships.

By learning more about why cats behave this way towards certain people and respecting their boundaries accordingly, we can slowly build trust between each other over time – helping create positive associations going forward.

## Why Do Cats Headbutt People

Cats can be mysterious creatures. We often marvel at their ability to make us laugh with their silly antics, or cry in sorrow when they get hurt. But one of the most intriguing behaviors cats exhibit is headbutting. It’s almost as if they’re trying to tell us something – and it turns out that there are some very interesting reasons why cats do this!

Headbumping may seem like an odd behavior for cats, but it actually serves several purposes: communication, affection and playfulness. Symbolic of a cat’s bond with its owner, headbumping is a way for them to show love and connection. Cats also use headbumping as a form of communication by rubbing against you in order to indicate their needs such as food or attention. Finally, cats will sometimes headbutt each other during playtime as part of social interaction between friends or family members.

The list below summarizes three primary reasons why cats might headbutt people:
• Communication – letting humans know what they need
• Affection – showing love and enjoying closeness
• Playfulness – interacting with other felines in fun activities

This behavior isn’t exclusive to cats either; many animals such as dolphins and deer have been observed engaging in similar types of playful interactions. Headbutting from cats is therefore just another example of how our furry friends communicate with us even though we don’t always understand them!

Clearly, there’s much more going on than meets the eye when it comes to feline behavior. As we take time to observe and understand these unique traits, we come away with new appreciation for all the things our kitties do that make life so special. With that being said, let’s move onto exploring why cats hiss at certain people…

## Why Do Cats Hiss At Certain People

When it comes to cats, their behavior can be quite unpredictable. One thing that many of us have seen them do is hiss at certain people – but why? Well, there are a few possible explanations for this odd behavior.

For one thing, cats may hiss out of fear or anxiety when they’re put in an unfamiliar situation. When we bring someone new into our home and introduce them to our cat, they may become scared and lash out with a loud hiss as a form of self-protection or warning. This could also happen if the person moves too quickly or makes sudden movements around the cat.

Another reason why cats might hiss is because they don’t like being touched by strangers. Cats are very territorial creatures and some of them just don’t want to be handled by anyone other than their owners. If you try to pet your friend’s cat without asking first, chances are you’ll get a nasty growl and maybe even a hiss!

Finally, cats may also show signs of aggression through their body language such as flattening their ears or arching their backs before they actually let out a deafening hiss. This is usually done as a way to ward off potential threats so it’s best not to approach any strange cats until you have been properly introduced!

It’s clear that cats use hissing as both an expression of fear and aggression depending on the situation – and understanding these feelings can help us better understand our furry friends. With that said, let’s take a closer look at another common feline behavior: Why do cats hit people?

## Why Do Cats Hit People

People often find it confusing why cats hit people. After all, we think of cats as cute and cuddly creatures who love to snuggle up with us on the sofa! But in reality, cats have a variety of reasons for hitting their owners or other humans they encounter. Let’s take a look at what might be causing this behavior so that you can better understand your pet.

First off, it may surprise some people to learn that cats actually don’t hit out of aggression—most of the time, anyway. Instead, most feline swatting is done out of playfulness. Cats are natural hunters and like to engage with items that move; when they see something moving around them (like an arm), they may try to “catch” it by swiping at it. It could also be an issue related to attention-seeking behaviors: some cats will act out if they feel ignored or neglected in any way.

Another thing to consider is that sometimes cats hit because there is something wrong with their environment or lifestyle. For instance, if your cat feels stressed due to too much noise, then he may lash out physically as a means of expressing his discomfort. Similarly, if you’re not providing enough interactive toys for him to play with or engaging activities like scratching posts and climbing towers that cater specifically to felines, he may become bored and frustrated which can lead to physicality towards people nearby.

Finally, it’s important to remember that every cat has its own individual personality and needs — just like humans do! If your kitty seems unhappy or agitated more often than usual then it may warrant further investigation into how best you can provide her with a comfortable home where she feels safe and secure while living life according to her personal preferences. No two cats are exactly alike; understanding these nuances takes patience but allows us all to form stronger relationships with our furry companions – without any need for swatting each other!

It goes without saying that getting licked in the face isn’t always pleasant either – so let’s explore why cats lick people’s faces next…

## Why Do Cats Lick People’s Faces

Have you ever had a cat that just loves to lick your face? It can be an adorable gesture, but why do cats do this? In today’s article, we’ll discuss the reasons behind this behavior.

First of all, it is important to remember that cats groom themselves by licking their fur and paws. So when they lick another person or animal, they are essentially doing the same thing. Cats may also use licking as a sign of affection. By licking our faces, they are showing us love in their own way. They may even view us as part of their family and want to show us how much they care about us.

Another reason cats might lick people’s faces is due to stress relief. When cats become anxious or scared, grooming can help them relax and feel more secure. Therefore, if you notice your cat licking your face more often than usual, it could mean that something has changed in its environment which has made it uncomfortable or stressed out.

Finally, some experts believe that cats will sometimes lick people’s faces because taste buds on their tongues are sensitive to certain scents like sweat or saliva from humans. If a human has been eating something delicious such as peanut butter or cheese (which cats love), then the feline may attempt to get a taste for itself!
TIP: Giving your cat treats with strong flavors such as tuna fish or salmon can encourage them to keep away from licking your face!

## Why Do Cats Lick People’s Hands

Ever wonder why cats can’t get enough of licking your hands? Well, in the world of felines, it’s all about control. They want to make sure you know who runs the show! It’s like they’re saying: “Hey look, I’m so powerful that even when I lick my human, they still love me”.

But there may be another explanation too; one based on science and not just domination. Cats have special types of receptors located throughout their bodies (especially around their mouth) which allow them to taste things through touch. So when a cat licks your hand, she might actually be tasting what’s on your skin – from salty sweat or food residue – as if sampling some kind of edible buffet.

It could also be linked to affection. Cats groom each other by licking, so they are likely doing this with us as well – showing us how much they care. Licking is an instinctive behavior meant to strengthen social bonds between individuals and create trust. Plus, let’s face it: humans receive pleasure from being touched in certain ways which creates positive reinforcement for our furry friends…so why wouldn’t cats enjoy it too?

All these theories aside though, maybe we should take the time to appreciate cats’ natural curiosity rather than trying to decipher every move they make. After all, sometimes a simple gesture such as licking our hands is best left unquestioned! Onward then…to understanding why cats enjoy licking people’s skin…

## Why Do Cats Lick People’s Skin

Have you ever noticed your furry friend giving you a few licks on the skin? It’s like having an unexpected, personal massage. Cats licking people’s skin is actually a common behavior and there are several reasons why this might be happening.

First of all, cats may lick people’s skin because they have been conditioned to do so from early kittenhood. If momma cat gave her kittens lots of licks as part of caretaking activities, then these kitties grow up thinking that it is okay to lick people too. This type of conditioning becomes instinctive for them and can carry into adulthood.

Another reason why cats might lick people could be because they are trying to show their affection or mark someone as their own. People who have multiple cats in their home often find that one particular cat will quickly become the “favorite” and may even start licking the person more than any other pet in the household. This generally indicates that the pet has chosen its human companion as its special buddy!

Finally, some cats just enjoy licking things on occasion – especially if those items smell interesting or taste good (like salty skin). For this reason, it’s not unusual for cats to give people random licks every now and then when they feel playful or curious.

It appears that cats licking peoples’ skin can occur out of habit, love, or simple curiosity – no matter what the motivation behind it might be, most humans seem to agree that it feels pretty great!

## Why Do Cats Lick Peoples Hair

It’s amazing how cats can be so clingy sometimes! I remember when my cat would follow me around, and even lick my hair. At first it was a bit odd, but then I realized that there must be some reason why cats do this behavior. It turns out that cats will often groom people’s hair as a way of expressing their love for us.

In the same way that cats groom each other, they may also see our heads as an extension of their own bodies and feel compelled to clean up whatever is on top of them. This could be something from dust or dirt to oils from styling products we use in our hair. Cats are naturally drawn to anything with a strong odor, which explains why they might enjoy licking our hair more than other parts of our body.

Cats have special glands located inside their cheeks called pheromone-secreting organs. When they rub up against us — or give us headbutts — these glands release scents into the air that make them feel safe and comfortable in our presence. Licking our hair serves the same purpose; it lets us know they want to show us affection while creating familiarity through scent recognition between both species.

So next time your furry friend decides to take a few licks at your locks, don’t get too mad — instead, appreciate all the love your kitty has for you! Whether it comes in the form of snuggles or grooming sessions, there’s no doubt that cats have plenty of ways to express their adoration…

## Why Do Cats Lie On People

Have you ever sat down and watched your cat lie on top of you? It’s an experience like no other. The warmth of their body, the soft purring they produce – it can be incredibly calming. And yet, cats don’t usually do something unless there is a reason behind it. So why do cats lie on people?

Let us imagine ourselves as cats for a moment: we climb up onto our owners’ laps like we’re scaling a mountain peak; when we reach the summit, what awaits us? Comfort and relaxation – a feeling akin to being wrapped in a blanket of love and security. In addition to that, lying on people provides cats with the opportunity to form strong bonds with those around them. As such, here are three key reasons why cats may choose to settle on humans:

1) To show affection: By lying atop someone’s lap or chest, cats often demonstrate their feelings for their human companion. This kind gesture allows them to express their appreciation for the unconditional love given by their owner.

2) For comfort and protection: Oftentimes, snuggling against another living creature helps calm anxious felines during stressful situations. Additionally, some cats may view people as safe havens from danger since they offer support both physically and emotionally.

3) To mark ownership: Regardless of how much space their owner has dedicated specifically for them, many cats still prefer cuddling up to their beloved human at night as if claiming him/her as part of “their territory” – almost like saying “This person belongs to me”.

So next time your furry friend decides to curl up beside you while purring contentedly away, remember this heartfelt connection between yourself and your pet!

## Frequently Asked Questions
### Why Do Cats Knead People?

Have you ever had a cat kneading your lap? It’s an oddly satisfying feeling – and one that many cats love to do. But why do cats knead people? Well, there are a few possible explanations for this curious behavior.

One of the most popular theories is that it’s rooted in their instinctual need as kittens to help stimulate milk production from their mother while nursing. The motion of pushing with their paws helps them get more nutrition during those important first weeks after birth. Even though they don’t need to nurse when they become adults, some cats may continue to knead out of habit or comfort.

Another possibility is that it’s simply pleasurable for cats; like petting, scratching or playing with toys – all activities which give them pleasure! They might also be trying to mark you as territory by using scent glands on their paw pads to release pheromones onto you! This could explain why some cats will choose a particular spot (like your chest) over others if given the chance.

So next time you have a purring ball of fur pressing its paws into your body, remember: it’s likely just trying to show affection and express itself in its own way. And who knows – maybe it’s even claiming you as part of its “territory”!

### Why Do Cats Meow At People?

Have you ever wondered why cats meow at people? It’s as if they are trying to tell us something, almost like a secret language. We may never know the exact reasons behind their mysterious behavior, but there are some theories that help explain it.

It’s quite remarkable how cats can be so expressive with just a few simple noises. Similar to humans, cats use meowing as a way of communication. From demanding attention and food to conveying joy or fear, here are three main ways cats communicate through meowing:

1) To show affection for their owners – Cats make unique sounds when greeting their owners or other pets in the household. This is often accompanied by rubbing against your legs or purring.
2) As an expression of pain or distress – Unusual vocalizations such as yowling could indicate discomfort due to age-related illnesses or injury. If this happens, it’s best to take your cat to the vet right away.
3) As a sign of hunger – Have you noticed how excited your cat gets around mealtime? They may start meowing more frequently before being fed since they want nothing more than delicious kibble!

So next time your feline friend starts chatting up a storm, remember that they’re just trying to get their message across—even though we may not always understand what exactly they’re saying! Understanding all the complex nuances of our beloved companions takes patience and practice; however, once you figure out what makes them tick, you’ll have even deeper appreciation for these furry friends who share our lives.

### Why Do Cats Rub Against People?

It’s no secret that cats have a strong connection to humans. We often wonder why they do the things they do, like rubbing against us. Well, there are actually several reasons for this behavior!

First of all, it’s important to understand that when cats rub against you and other objects in your home, they’re marking their territory with scent glands located in their cheeks and forehead. Cats use these scents as a way to mark where they feel safe and comfortable. So if your cat is constantly rubbing against your legs or furniture around the house, it could be because he feels at ease and secure within his environment.

Another reason cats may rub against people is to show affection. By doing so, cats will also release pheromones which can help create a sense of comfort between them and their human companions – kind of like a hug! In addition to showing love through physical contact, cats may also purr when being rubbed as another sign of happiness.

Finally, some experts believe that when cats rub up against us, it could be an instinctive reaction from when kittens would follow their mother around in order to find food sources or safety from predators. This behavior has been passed down over generations and could explain why our feline friends enjoy rubbing up against us even today!

TIP: Showing affection for your furry friend doesn’t have to involve just petting them; try giving them plenty of opportunities for cuddles by setting aside time each day for snuggling with your cat while watching TV or reading a book together!

### Why Do Cats Purr When People Pet Them?

When it comes to cats and their behavior, one of the cutest things is when they purr when people pet them. It’s almost like a sign that they’re happy in your company and enjoy being around you! From my experience with my own cat, I’ve noticed this phenomenon many times – as soon as I start petting him he’ll start purring away.

But why do cats purr when people pet them? Well, experts say it might be because cats associate human touch with positive emotions like warmth and love. They may also feel safer when someone is showing them affection through physical contact. Cats are known for feeling more independent than dogs, so the idea that they’d seek out human touch for comfort or security is quite surprising and sweet.

It could also be an evolutionary response; evidence suggests that kittens who were exposed to regular gentle touches from their mothers early on in life grew up to be friendlier cats later on. So perhaps by purring in response to our pets we’re helping reinforce these positive behaviors.

Besides providing us humans with some warm fuzzies, there are physiological benefits associated with purring too! Studies have shown that vibrations caused by purring can help stimulate muscle recovery and healing due to its frequency range which matches the same frequencies used in physical therapy treatments. If nothing else, it proves just how amazing these animals really are!

### Why Do Cats Sleep With People?

Have you ever wondered why cats sleep with people? It’s a common behavior, and there may be several reasons behind it. One possibility is that your cat loves being close to you! Cats are known for forming strong bonds with their owners, so sleeping in the same bed as you can make them feel safe and secure.

Another reason could be that cats like warm temperatures. They often curl up next to a person because our bodies naturally generate heat. That said, if your bedroom tends to get cold at night, they might just be trying to stay warm!

It’s also possible that cats simply want attention from us. If they know they can climb into bed with us then they may do so in order to receive some cuddles or other forms of affection. Of course, this doesn’t mean every time your cat crawls into bed it necessarily wants something – sometimes it just likes being near you!

Cats have unique personalities which influence their behaviors too. Some cats prefer snuggling up against humans more than others; maybe yours falls into this category? Here are four key points about why cats sleep with people:
• They form bonds with their owners
• They enjoy staying warm
• They’re seeking attention
• Their individual personalities play a role

So there you have it, we’ve explored some potential explanations for why cats sleep with people. In short, whether it’s out of love, warmth or even curiosity – there’s likely a compelling reason behind it all!

## Conclusion

It’s no secret that cats can be weird, funny and entertaining! Their actions often leave us scratching our heads in confusion. But why do cats knead people, meow at them, rub against them or purr when petted? It all comes down to the fact that cats are incredibly social creatures. They view their owners as part of their family, so they express affection for us in a variety of ways.

When cats knead people it’s because they’re showing love; this is the same reason why they purr when petted. Meowing is also an expression of communication – they want something from us such as food, attention or even just acknowledgment. Finally, rubbing against people is another way to show companionship – almost like a hug!

Cats seek out human contact because we provide security and comfort to them on a daily basis. We make them feel safe and loved which encourages more affectionate behavior towards us. So next time your cat does something strange don’t get mad – instead appreciate how much joy your furry friend brings into your life!

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