Why Do People Blackout?

If someone was to ask “why do people blackout”? What would the answer be? It would actually be quite hard to answer this question if there was no knowledge of the person who blacked out. Medically speaking, a blackout is a period when a person cannot remember something or temporarily loses consciousness.

As a physically related term, blackouts happen for many reasons. Being very drunk can be a reason why someone blacks out. But there are also many other triggers, such as standing up very quickly when a casualty has been sitting or lying down for some time, or a blow to the head can also be the cause for blackouts. The term blackout can also mean a temporary loss of vision. If this happens often, it could be a serious medical problem and it is worth seeking medical help.

The physiological reason for the blackout is what concerns doctors, especially if they occur frequently. Because having blackouts is a symptom, a doctor will try and ascertain the cause. If it is due to alcohol consumption then it obviously makes a lot of sense to curtail drinking habits.

This beings us to another question, why do people blackout when they drink alcohol? It seems that the main chemical component of alcohol that makes someone drunk (ethanol) is also the prime suspect in unconsciousness. The person involved may be present physically, but the memory circuits are out for the count. This results in the person having no memory of the events that happened (as in a complete blackout) or details such as the name of an individual that was met or the color of a shirt being remembered. Needless to say, it is a dangerous situation because there is no certain prescription to stop excessive alcohol consumption.

Another reason for blacking out that is not related to drinking is a change in equilibrium, as in the case of standing up too quickly. It seems that a blood rush to the head can be blamed for this. Trauma to the head can also cause blackouts because a part of the brain may be injured. A doctor needs to perform tests to know the state of the patient when this happens.

Then there are also people who blackout when they receive an immense shock such as horrific scenes in movies or when someone is told of bad news or makes a very startling discovery. When the person wakes from a faint they can’t seem to remember what happened until they are reminded of the trigger for the blackout. It seems that this is one situation where fiction is fact and can be answered when one is asked “why do people blackout?”

Posted at December 9th, 2011.

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  1. lexii says:

    Hello I had a question for u. My feonce n father of my son was under a lot of stress… We all were and he is currently in jail he says he blacked out he had jus woken up from a nap that day and everything hit the fan he is ADD n not sure about bi polar but he blacked out and smaked our son in the face could he black out from any of this? He still dnt remember and says he would never hit his son cuz how much he loves him and they played every day and had an awesome relationship he was a very good dad and i just cnt understand what happened? his son is now fighting with me to eat or try to use the potty chair and everything because his daddy isnt here.. can u help me figure out what could have made him black out

  2. bookie says:

    My mom was in the shower and luckaly her friend Justin was in there to wash her back and all of a sudden she said she was getting dizzy then.. she blacked out , luckaly her friend Justin who was in there was washing her back and caught her from hitting her head. After that Justin was talking to her saying ”are you ok” and she was wondering why she was on the floor. So Justin helped her dry off and she said she coud’nt breath, hear , and she could’nt see, she said all she remembered was her saying she was dizzy and looking at her legs. Finnaly she said she Justin talk in to her and that’s what made her wake up. Why do you think she blacked out?

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