Why Do People Burp?

Why do people burp?” That is an excellent question. Some people find themselves asking where the burp came from after an embarrassing moment of burping loudly in the midst of a crowd.

Have you ever been in that situation where you can’t seem to control yourself from burping? Have you ever experienced being stared at ridiculously by someone who had just heard you burp in the middle of a conversation? Or do some people just try not to look bothered at all by your roaring burp, when in fact; they’re stifling the urge to throw up or call your attention.

So, why do people burp? Is burping a reflex body response or is it done intentionally?

There are people who burp on purpose by gulping air into their system. However, in general, people burp for very basic health reasons.

A burp, otherwise known as belch, is nothing but gas that your body needs to get rid of.

It is also defined as the expulsion of air or gas within your body through the mouth. When you eat or drink, especially carbonated drinks, you don’t just swallow the food or liquid, but you also swallow air simultaneously. The air contains gases such as nitrogen and oxygen. The excess gas that is ingested is pushed out of the stomach, up through the esophagus, and out of the mouth in the form of a burp.

Why do people burp after drinking soda? If your answer is because this drink contains extra gas, then you’re correct! Sodas or other carbonated soft drinks contain carbon dioxide, which can make a person burp. Ever notice how often you burp if you drink using a straw? That is because the straw brings in extra air into your stomach, which causes you to burp. Eating too fast or drinking hastily can also make a person burp since this can send more air into the stomach. These extra gases need to escape the body so that there will be more room for additional food or drink.

Why do people burp loudly and how can they control it? Unless you’re a little baby, you can get away with really loud burps. Parents of newborn babies rejoice upon hearing a baby’s burp because it means that the baby will not feel any stomach pain or discomfort. But if you are already a grown up man or woman, it’s probably time to be polite when it’s time to burp. Cover your mouth and suppress the sound, it works!

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