Why Do People Communicate?

Why do people communicate with each other? Basically, the purpose of communication is for humans to exchange information. People communicate by talking to each other. This is verbal communication. Using words to express what you feel or to ask what one wants to know. The use of words is not limited to spoken words but can also be the written word.

Other people may say that this is non-verbal communication but if you look at the meaning of the word ‘verbal’ its etymology states that it ‘deals with words’. It means that talking and writing, or reading using words are ways to communicate. A popular story found in the Bible is the story of ‘The Tower of Babel’ wherein the people suddenly could not understand each other, even when they were talking to each other. The act of talking is not necessarily communicating, especially if you are talking in different languages.

To be able to communicate you have to be on the same wavelength as the person you are talking to. The art of communication is the ability to understand what the other person is saying. Words that are written or spoken do not have full authority here. Mothers are especially effective in non-verbal communication. A shrug, a raised eyebrow or a deep sigh, speak more than several words strung together.

Why do people communicate nonverbally? Sometimes words are not as effective as a particular action. There can be no communication if the receiver of the message does not get it. There has to be an understanding of what is being said for it to be successful. After all, people need to communicate to understand. Communication also allows people to get closer. It is one of the biggest building blocks of relationships. It is also possibly one of the reasons relationships go sour. When there is no good communication between partners, the relationship suffers.

Communication is also used to attract people. There have been many advertisement campaigns that were so effective because they were very attractive to its audience. It enabled the publishers of the ad to grab people’s attention and take notice of their product. It is not a small achievement. Unfortunately some people use communication to manipulate and even brainwash their target audience. They enforce their own beliefs on other people without giving a chance for their audience to decide for themselves. They communicate to enforce their will or to dupe people. This just means that communication is a very useful and powerful tool. Its benefit or damage is dependent on the person wielding it. If the intention is for information or for better understanding then it becomes profitable. In the wrong hands, a lot of people’s lives suffer the consequences. This raises the question why do people communicate?

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