Why Do People Die From Swine flu?

With medication as advanced as it is now, why do people die from swine flu? Swine flu is a communicable disease that originated from –where else? – swine. The virus became notorious after people started getting infected with it. Swine flu is a term that covers a number of other influenza infections that preceded it and became the term that encompassed the combination of avian flu, pig flu and human flu that became a pandemic. It had a high rate of contagion and was especially alarming because children were absent from school in large numbers. There was also a lot of panic because it spread rapidly to many countries, causing custom officials to monitor incoming passengers for signs of flu through thermal body scanners. For a lot of countries, especially in the United States, children were just coming from vacation so there was a fear that they could have contracted the disease from the country where they came from. It was a major concern.

Aside from the rapid rate of infection, the number of fatalities also caused alarm for the health authorities in many different countries. People seemed to get well, and then they would start to take a turn for the worst. Why do people die from swine flu? This was the question that doctors and scientists were struggling to answer. The world was just recovering from the H1N1 pandemic and they were apprehensive that swine flu might turn out to be as bad as that one. There was a shortage of vaccines which could effectively shield people from this virus and people were starting to say that it could not protect people from swine flu. People were dying from swine flu and doctors were doing their best to find out why.

It seems that before awareness of the virus was spread, people treated it as regular flu because it had all the same symptoms. Then, when people were discharged from the hospital because they were feeling better, but many relapsed. When they went back to hospital, they went back in a worse condition with some patients being in a critical state. The high rate of mortality comes from cases like these. In countries where hospitalization is expensive, despite the presence of government hospitals, flu like symptoms were treated at home with over the counter medicines. A patient’s condition was not monitored and since this kind of disease was not yet very well known, parents of children, and other individuals who got sick, were not any wiser. Without a doctor’s supervision and medical testing the patients were not able to be treated sufficiently. When they are finally brought to the hospital, the disease was in such an advanced state that a lot of complications made the patient difficult to treat or had reduced the patient to such a weakened condition to make recovery difficult. This is one explanation for the question why do people die from swine flu?


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