Why Do People Hate Cinder Fall?

Today, we shall discuss about why do people hate Cinder fall. Cinder fall is a terrible character, it doesn’t mean that, in that she’s a bad person because honestly, it’s not certain if she qualifies as a person. She’s terribly ridden, now this is not shocking to most of you even those who tried to defend the show will sometimes can see that Cinder isn’t exactly the best written character of all time so what about this wannabe lust meets want to be a zoo lie it makes her chest the worst.

The answer is actually relatively simple compared to many of Ruby’s other problems. It’s her lack of character, depth combined with her inconsistent and incredibly shallow motivations. These two things drives Cinders character into the mud. So, let’s explore these problems and see if we can find a solution to make her terrible in a way that the show actually intends you “I want to be strong”, “I want to be feared”, “I want to be powerful” in Chapter seven of volume three beginning of the end,  we begin with a flashback of how cinder recruited Emerald promising her a new life off the streets where she would never go hungry again.

We don’t meet Emerald’s parents, we don’t learn how she gone on the streets but we don’t need to because we understand her motivations and that’s it. We have a solid understanding of who she is, her background and what’s driving her and how powerful that drive is this then transitions into more flashbacks of her recruiting Mercury Roman and Adam and taking half the fall Maiden powers from a very young and inexperienced amber who was out in the woods for whatever reason.

This isn’t really all that relevant we don’t really need to know now. I mention all of this because this kind of ties into a point I have to make about Cinders character have you noticed one crucial thing we are missing in this villain origins episode that’s supposed to map out who our villains truly are.

What they want and what their plan is, the origin of the central antagonist who was running the operation Cinder goddamn fall this isn’t specifically her lack of a backstory which though one indeed is not an issue is not inherently the problem as I’ve said we don’t know the specifics on Emerald, Mercury Roman and Adams pasts but we still have a solid grasp of who their characters are the problem with cinder is that we know she wants power but we don’t know why.

We’re given little to no insight on her motivations in gaining the maiden powers nor how powerful her drive to gain those powers is and without that, it immediately becomes incredibly difficult to understand Cinders character let alone empathize her because we are effectively blind and without any of that we’re at a lost.

How far she’s willing to go to get what she wants and how about conflict with the main characters could put those we care about in harm’s way this is brought to light in Cinders confrontation with Pierre atop, the destroyed beacon tower and end of the beginning referring to the fall Maiden powers.

She says, take comfort in that I will use it in ways you could never have imagined see you believe in destiny. This little bit right here means absolutely nothing now it means everything for Pira’s character because she’s already had a conversation with Shawn about her view of destiny which seems a bit antithetical to the very concept of destiny and fate but I’m going to allow it because I love Pyrrha too much and she was under a lot of stress but for Cinder, the things she refers to that she’ll do with these divine powers her belief in destiny the single tier she sheds none of it means anything because there is no weight behind any of these things.

We don’t know her past where she’s from the circumstances that led her to meet Salem the circumstances that led her to crave power, we don’t know any of that does she seek power for strength is it some deeply held conviction where unaware of where does she simply just want to be a god no one knows she might as well be reading from a teleprompter to see what miles and Carrie want her to do because Cinder has no real wants of her own rather than be a truly fleshed out character that we remember and fear instead she’s a cardboard cutout meant to advance the plot and provide a shallow antagonist.

We’ve discussed Cinders shallow motivations and desiring power but it’s after her injury at the hands or eyes that guess of Ruby Rose that she finally shows potential in volume for Cinders left in an incredibly weakened and humiliated state she’s unable to speak beyond gasps and raspy one-word answers she’s lost her left eye and gotten the nasty scar on her face and unaware to us she’s lost her left arm hiding the injury with a massive sleeve of her new dress teary an end to a much greater degree.

Watts mocks endure for her defeat and this seems to be the first time characters in universe are legitimately putting cinder in her place as we the audience have wanted to for three goddamn volumes at this point as the volume continues cinder receives a new grandmom to replace her lost one though we wouldn’t learn of this Sicilian to volume 5 even though certain viewers caught it the hotel vaq rooted at first and she would eat cinder for breakfast quite literally she’s put through rigorous amounts of training by Salem as she’s lambasted for her fatigue and interrogated as to whether she killed ozpin.

She’s even forced to speak when she’s barely able to gasp when sailing demands a clear answer as to the question of Osmonds fate and it is in this atmosphere that sinners resentment towards Ruby is fostered and established and at the end of volume 4 we see her burning a hallucination of her be alive as part of her training though it is still odd that emerald knows what Ruby’s current alpha looks like. So, tyrians really good at describing things I guess finally Cinder has a true motivation that we can understand and one which makes us fear for Ruby’s safety when they cross paths again.

The antagonist is now directly interested in the protagonist which is actually pretty normal in any story. Besides, Ruby there’s chess to an issue she doesn’t really care about Ruby leading up to the Battle of Haven episodes of volume 5. Cinder is very adamant in her desire to kill Ruby, she questioned Salem as to why they would even bother keeping Ruby alive and she decides to agree to Ravens proposal which risks the success of the villain’s plan to retrieve the relative knowledge and destroy him and Academy by an absurd degree.

All that the chance of finally getting back at Ruby now literally everyone has pointed out why this attack was ridiculous and stupid on the part of the but I could forgive it if it did what it promised to do when showing cinders folly and that she’s intended to repeat her mistakes without learning. Until she brings about her own downfall but much like my terrible pun it would seem that it wasn’t intended to be that way because during the entire bottle of Haven cinder doesn’t acknowledge Ruby once the battle starts when Raven opens a portal and cinder sends a fireball through striking.

Therefore, in viewing compassion is a weakness to exploit and maybe this is something that she learned firsthand in the way that she was raised the love that Ruby was brought up in was likely absent from Cinders life. So, perhaps highlight that as we learn Cinders backstory in her final moments and then once we finally understand Cinder. She dies because of her own follies, her demise is her fault and her Falls alone because of the choices that she’s made almost a tragic character rather than a shallow plot device.

We’re happy to be rid of so there is indeed a way to Save cinder fall as a character but unfortunately it’s uncertain whether we will get there especially given the track record we’ve gotten for Cinder thus far in the series however at least now we’ve explored what the problem with her character is and hopefully understanding that will provide some kind of comfort even though for me it’s kind of made it much worse because now the superficial illusion has been even more shattered than me. Thank you for reading this on Cinder Fall, you can our article on  why do people like fast.

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