Why Do People Make Mistakes?

You might have read some articles, essays or forums regarding the question of why people do make mistakes. People are not perfect and they are bound to make mistakes at some point in their lives. Mistakes can either be taken as positive or negative. If you make mistakes and use them as your stepping stone to become a better person then you are doing the right thing. But, if you think that you are a failure when you make mistakes then you might end up making more mistakes since you think that you are not capable of doing good things. However, it must be understood that no one is perfect and every person makes mistakes over and over again, even though they do not have intentions of doing so.

Questioning your own abilities will cause high damage on your work attitude and self-confidence, resulting in even more mistakes being made. The series of suffering continues, yet it must not be this way since you have the capacity to modify your life simply if you really want to. As mentioned earlier, there is an affirmative side to making mistakes as well. They stop you from building up a sense of satisfaction. If you know from the very beginning that you are prone to making mistakes then you will be very careful in whatever you are going to do.

Most people have heard of Michael Jordan, the great basketball player. Despite his reputation, he says: I have fallen short over and over again in my life, and that is the reason why I succeeded.” Great people have made lots of mistakes before they succeeded in their chosen career. They have claimed that they committed a lot of mistakes but they did not stop there, so they came out as successful people. Thus, if you are asking yourself why people do make mistakes then that is a good sign. The fact is that no matter how vigilant you act, eventually you will err somewhere. Yet that is not the end because it is not over until you actually believe that it is over. Never give up and keep trying.

Life is a trip through low and high bumps so if you stop walking because you bump into a high slope then you definitely will never get the experience the breeze of walking from the top down to the low slope. Moreover, making mistakes permits you to identify and question your values constantly. You can do this for your loved ones’ sake. You want to become the best after making a mistake. Bear in mind that there are reasons why people do make mistakes and it is up to you whether you are going to get back up after doing something wrong.



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