Why Do People Masterbate?

Masturbation is sexual stimulation, especially of one’s own genital organs, which is exclusive of intercourse. People do it by touching or using other bodily contact on the penis, clitoris, or vagina until an orgasm happens. Sex toys, like a vibrator, are used by some women. Sexual fantasies may also be involved in the act.

Why do people masterbate?” is an entirely valid question to ask. Masturbation is a common behavior, and even children might do so as part of exploring their bodies. It is also widespread among people who have sexual relations with partners.

Because it makes people feel good” may be the most obvious answer to the question “Why do people masterbate?” Exploring one’s own body through masturbation can help a person determine what is erotically pleasant for him or her. Some partners use mutual masturbation to enhance their intimacy with each other and to find out how to improve their sexual relationship.

Sexual tension, which can build up over time, can be relieved through masturbation. This is particularly true for people who do not have partners and for people whose partners are unavailable for sex or even unwilling to have sex.

Masturbation is believed to be a safe alternative to intercourse for people who are afraid that they might get sexually transmitted diseases or for women who do not want to get pregnant, thus providing a further answer to “Why do people masterbate?” Some health authorities have said that masturbation is just about the safest sex that exists, as long as people are not experimenting with the use of potentially harmful objects like vacuum cleaners.

In cases of adults’ sexual dysfunction, a sex therapist could recommend that a woman who may be frigid should use masturbation to experience orgasm or advise a man with premature ejaculation issues to delay his orgasm through practicing masturbation. When a man has to give a semen sample for fertility testing or sperm donation, masturbation is necessary.

While the medical community ordinarily does not label masturbation as unnatural or harmful behavior, it can be a problem when it hinders sexual activity with a partner, when it is done in public, or when it causes much distress to the person. Compulsion can be the most negative reason behind “Why do people masterbate?” as the behavior can interfere with the person’s everyday life and activities. In cases where this behavior has reached a compulsive or obstructive level, it is not done in moderation, so health professionals would not consider it normal sexual behavior anymore.

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