Why Do People Write?

Why do people write? What is it that people write about? And why do we share our opinions and relate our stories through writing? We write for a variety of reasons. For one, we seek to express ourselves more accurately through writing. Another practical reason for writing is to save information.

Writing can be both a verb and a noun. When used as a noun, writing is the product or the thing that is written. When used as a verb, writing refers to the act of writing. As a verb, it refers to the act of inscription of chosen characters on a certain medium, resulting in words and texts. It can also refer to the creation and generation of information and meaning.

The person who composes the message in the form of text is called the writer, or for stories, he or she is referred to as an author. Depending on the nature of the written text, the writer may be thought of variously as a poet, an essayist, a novelist, a playwright, a journalist, or whatever specific designation fits.

So, why do people write? Writing is a distinctly human activity. In fact, the only confirmed writing currently in existence is that of human origin.

According to findings by Archaeologist Denise Schmandt-Besserat, the process of writing first evolved from the ancient time. The archaeologist studied and found the link between uncategorized tokens made of clay and cuneiform, which is the first known form of writing. The tokens represent commodities, which advanced along with civilization. However, it became too complicated when there were thousands of tokens that had to be accounted for. These tokens have to be wrapped and then placed above fire in clay that contained markings that indicated the kinds of tokens that were found inside them. The markings eventually replaced the actual tokens. These clay envelopes became the first of its kind for clay writing tablets, which is specifically designed to help store information.

Another answer to the query on “why do people write?” is because it serves as an extension of our language. Writing is also the consequence of political expansion during the ancient times. It was a reliable means for communicating and relaying information, maintaining accounts of finances, and keeping historical records, among other activities.

Although forms of writing have evolved over time, the answers to “why do people write?” have remained largely similar. People write to save information and to express themselves.

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