Why Do People Enjoy Being Scared?

Hey guys in this video why fear is important and how to conquer it Plus stay to the end for a secret weapon take your badass life to the next level I’m Heather, and I’m David from Zen Rose Garden DOT COM Helping People Create BADASS Lives! So why do we enjoy fear? Why do we love being scared is there an actual benefit to being scared believe it or not there is a valid reason to be scared and a healthy way to use it tip no.1 fear can just feel good um some people like to run a roller coaster doesn’t feel that physical thrill some people like to go to haunted houses and feel that mental like fear of what’s going to happen next fear itself the threat itself whether it’s real or perceived or whatever it triggers that fight-or-flight response which gives us that brain rush so the body preps for danger whether that’s a real danger or a controlled state of fake danger um the brain releases chemicals to aid us in survival those chemicals do three things they protect us from pain they give us a lot of energy in a short amount of time and they shut off our higher brain functions so we can pay attention to the moment when our non-essential systems get shut down and one of those is critical thought we’re able to pay full attention to the moment and what’s going on they aren’t worried about the things that we have to do in our day to day life our to-do lists go out the window and we become very much in the moment this can be a really positive high arousal state almost like happiness or bliss or sex and there’s a high arousal but we know we’re safe because it’s a controlled environment a roller coaster a haunted house we know that danger isn’t really really real but our brain is reacting it as if it is and giving us that high arousal excitement state it gives us that natural high of being scared this is kind of a positive addictive euphoric state that releases us from our normal worries for a short amount of time tip number two fear can boost your self-esteem so how does this boost your self-esteem well even if the danger experience is not a real experience our brain and our body are responding in the same way so it gives us that euphoric state of accomplishment and after the fear has been conquered after we get off the roller coaster ride or out of the haunted house we got this rush of energy like wow I did it I made it through and the basic survival there is that you lived even though this is a controlled environment and your brain knows that it’s not a real threat it’s still going to elicit the same responses so you basically just survived death on that roller coaster or in that haunted house how does this apply to our real life and our healing process as we go through our world and conquer our own fears and our own zombies and our own demons so the haunted house and the roller coaster are a controlled environment where you get to face fears on your own terms another controlled environment would be a healing session or a shamanic experience where you’re going in to trigger and face your fears in a controlled environment that gives you the safe place and the safe space to face your demons facing your fears and your inner demons and your inner zombies in a safe space can take place with a life coach or your psycho therapist or your Reiki practitioner or your shamanic practitioner or any kind of underworld guide that takes you into that internal space where you’ve got your fears hitmen and helps you face them in a controlled way the fear and facing those fears can become euphoric and what happens is the brain doesn’t know the difference between whether it’s a real threat that’s happening a real event where your fear comes to the surface or whether it’s something controlled inside of your mind it’s going to give you the same response so it’s also going to give you the same endorphin rush when you face those fears and when you overcome them which can lead into a positive diction to self-growth this alone makes us want to continue peeling off those layers that felt really bad but we were holding on to so that we can have that euphoria and that feel good and that boost to our self-esteem that we just conquered something really challenging now we know that we can do it again next time we’ve been down that rabbit hole and we’re ready to go back and kick it out on the next level so with your self growth and with your personal development as you’re facing your fears and you have those moments that feel amazing because you’ve faced a deep fear in your underworld in your shadow work and come out to the other side which connects you more to your light side then you want to do more of that just like the roller coaster when you know that the danger isn’t really real or the haunted house where you know those are just kids dressed up as zombies when you’re going into your fears and reliving traumatic experiences and healing them with a guide in any situation you logically know that situation is not really happening in the now but your brain is still reacting with those same chemicals to help boost your self-esteem and help you move forward and rewire and remap that space in place in your mind where you felt helpless and powerless at the time so it’s going to trigger that feeling enough for you to work through whatever the traumas are whatever your darkness is whatever your shadows are to break you into your truth tip number three facing fear as a group can make you stronger so what happens when we are out in the wild hunting as a pack hunting as a tribe hunting as a group is that we get in this state this zoned in state of facing a fear together an oxytocin gets released in the brain and in the body as a result so we’re not feeling any pain but feeling euphoria we’re like all together and those emotions that everybody is feeling around surrounding facing a fear can amplify it in each other so that courage can be amplified as a group or the fear could be amplified as a group this is also why it’s really important to have strong leaders in the because if you’ve got a strong leader that’s full of confidence and that knows how to face those fears everybody else in the tribe everybody else in that pack picks up on that and emulates it and it triggers their confidence in their strengths and their self-esteem and everybody feels greater together we’ve become closer to people because of this rush of energy that we experienced together when we’re moving through a space of healing or facing fears together as a group and that’s why there’s an intense bonding experience when people go through crises together so finding groups that face fears together in a safe space of community can actually help us as individuals improve faster in our self growth in our personal development and in our life in general that’s why having a good support group for your healing is massively massively beneficial no it’s time for that bonus to not facing fears can make you feel like a thinker this can trigger an impostor syndrome where you believe everybody else outside of you has their thing together and you don’t so you must be the only one faking it so when we decide to not face our fears we’re putting ourselves on a self-growth time out and we become internally Restless because we haven’t faced that fear so some part of us is still experiencing a little bit of that fight-or-flight but that fight-or-flight continues going on under the surface on a low-grade anxiety and stress level because we haven’t conquered the fear so if we haven’t conquered the fear we don’t give our brain that sense of completion and self-esteem boost so we keep going into no I’m not gonna look at this no I’m not gonna look at that what you’re doing is you’re creating a way for you to continue being stressed and anxious because you’re afraid of your fear and what happens is on the outside we appear to be together and facing the fear and being courageous but there’s something inauthentic about it because we have that unresolved issue because we haven’t really stepped in to face the fear authentically we might beat ourselves up in our private time for not rooting out that fear and facing it head-on so we’re not appearing in our life off ethically even though we are trying our best to look that way right so when this happens we don’t build up those layers of strength that we need for the next thing to conquer so we haven’t trained ourselves into conquering our fears we’ve trained ourselves to avoid our fears which creates more anxiety and restlessness what happens is we create a mask for the world that shows them that we’re courageous and we’re facing our fears when we haven’t actually done the work once we face the fears we don’t need the masks anymore we just step into our life authentically and we just do it and there’s a great Native American quote that kind of sums this all up fear makes the wolf seem larger so when we don’t face our fears that here becomes bigger and bigger and bigger and it’s a big wolf but it’s not one time I got talked into going to a zombie escape room I didn’t want to go because I hate zombies but I got talked into it and I I just kind of was like this it at first just kind of stubborn I really don’t want to go and then I said you know what I’m gonna go try it and face my fears and once I got in there I realized it wasn’t a bunch of zombies ready to jump out at me it was a big puzzle to unravel and solve so we could get out of the escape room and I let myself surrender to it and I had this sense of euphoria and those good chemicals and it was really really fun now zombies aren’t as icky to me anymore I don’t go oh I don’t like zombies I just I still don’t care for zombies but I faced and conquered that fear as silly as it is just going through that facing of the fears and not pretending like I just don’t want to do it and being stubborn about it actually had a positive effect in the rest of my life I no longer have that compulsion to make that excuse like I just really don’t want to I just step in and do it and experience it now so when I was a kid I watched the movie poltergeist I was probably nine years old and at the time my parents noticed what was happening and they were like you know what it’s just costumes it’s just this it’s just that and then we’re like why don’t you go ahead and continue watching it over and over again until it doesn’t seem scary so that’s what I did I continued watching this movie until I could start to see all of the little make up pieces and the costumes and the props and everything like that it was a great way for me to conquer a fear and I felt great afterwards once you see the zipper on the monster costume you’ll never look at the monster the same way you’re just learned about why fear is important and how to conquer it now it’s time for that secret weapon we’re inviting you to join our special Facebook group badass personal development with a metaphysical twist join us as we go live every week for personal development and self growth tips you can learn stuff win stuff and start your personal growth journey we pick a new winner every week for prizes like crystals and memberships to zrg Galoob all be personal development community for your badass life it’s the healing 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