Why Do People Worry?


The reason for why do people worry and act differently is because of beliefs and emotions that have roots in their past. Suppressing beliefs and emotions from the past can end up becoming filters for some perceptions of the present. Some people believe that when an individual reacts to a certain event, he or she is not actually reacting to that event but a chain of emotions that might have developed during his or her childhood.

Today people also worry because of the economic situation. The crisis that many people now face leads them to worry about their future and their children as well. They may think of how they can support the education of their children now that the prices of commodities have become sky high, but they know that things are not going to improve quickly and wages are very poor. This kind of thinking keeps spinning off their mind and would allow them to worry on almost everything. They also worry about the health of their kids since today there are many diseases that can be easily picked up.

Another reason why people worry, is lack of confidence. They do not have enough faith and conviction in themselves that they can live life on their own. For instance, if you are going to have a presentation either in school or at work, you worry a lot because for different reasons. You might be worrying about the outcome of the presentation and what your boss or classmates will say. Or you worry since you are not confident enough that you know what you are going to talk about.

Not having enough faith in themselves is another reason why people worry. But if they have built high self esteem then they won’t care about what’ll happen because they know that they did their best. Even though they will give the presentation in front of other talented people, they believe they can do it since they have confidence. Worrying in this situation might just cause them to do the very thing that they fear, and ruin the presentation.

Worrying is part of human nature. People worry because they have a lot of problems. In other words, problems or difficulties will make people worry. They worry because they cannot control the world around them. This habit can become a real problem and can cause critical health and psychological disorders such as chronic headaches, indigestion problems, low appetite, high blood pressure, difficulty in falling asleep, bad habits such as drug and alcohol addictions and losing concentration. It is a must then that people have to evaluate why people worry, so that they can know how to deal with it properly.


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