Why Do People Advertise?

Why do people advertise? The answer to this question is simple – to send out a message. Advertising is a way of telling other people what you want them to know, what you want them to do, what you want them to believe or a way of attracting people to a service or product. Advertising has become a vital tool for individuals and businesses to promote something that they want people in general, or a specific group or target audience to know. Modern advertising is now almost like a science.

In order for the message to become clear, or for advertisers to achieve their desired results, factors such as gender, age, income, ethnicity and many other demographics are used to ensure that products or services are advertised in the best possible way. Psychology and various multimedia tools are then incorporated to make the message more forceful. For a business, this can mean millions of dollars in generated sales. For an individual, it can spell success for their product or enterprise.

The use of advertising also goes beyond getting a message out. A well thought out advertising campaign, for example, can propel a virtually unknown company to “corporate superstardom”. For established companies, it is a means of informing their customers that they have reason to keep on buying their product, or making use of a service. Advertising is used to constantly remind the buying public that the product or service is always available; therefore the customer should keep on purchasing the said product or keep on using that service. It’s keeping the brand of the company within the consumers awareness, and this is what keeps the business alive.

So why do people advertise for personal use? If an individual is not advertising for business, then it is said to be a personal advert. Personal advertising is used as a tool, especially on dating websites, to get a message across. The message is: I am available. After this initial message, the term “available for a relationship,” such as friendship or matrimony, is further spelled out. People who resort to personal advertising are not weird or undesirable, although statistics will show that some of them will be from a dubious background. There are some people who simply like the option of being able to find what they are looking for via a third party.

Personal advertisements, like business advertisements, aim to show the desirability of the person or the product. The use of advertising aims to make the service or product more attractive to the audience and is equally important for both types of advertising. The level of importance might differ, but that, of course, is dependent on the perspective. There is the need. That is one reason. All other reasons stem from this need. So whether people advertise by print, radio, online or by any other means, the undisputed fact is that people have a message to send out and they have a need to have that message heard. Hopefully this answers the question, “why do people advertise?”

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