Why Do People Age?

Why do people age? This is a question that has been asked on many occasions, especially about the countless creams and contraptions that are marketed in an attempt for the multitude to combat aging. People have been trying to fight aging since the beginning of modern time, for pretty much as long as vanity has existed within human consciousness. People know from the moment of birth, that aging is as inevitable as death. This is probably why some people fight so hard to keep from aging and do their best to look youthful, as subconsciously they are afraid to die (as pretty much all of us are, of course).

As aging is inevitable, so is man’s struggle to become immortal. Perhaps the issue lies in people’s perception of aging. People age because it is a natural biological development. Instead of staying small and helpless such as a baby, we grow older and our bodies follow suit. Nature dictates that we grow up, we mature, and we naturally grow old and eventually die.

People age because it is nature’s way for us to develop the skills and the physical requirements of survival. Aging, however, can be affected by how we use (or abuse) the body. This is perhaps one reason why some 50 year old men can appear ‘younger’ than 40 year old men. So the question “Why do people age?” can in part be answered by how a person uses his energy to accomplish his tasks.

It also depends on the state of the person’s health. Genetics also plays a huge part in determining how a person ages. Diet can determine the level of physical fitness that an individual has. Different factors all work together to influence aging. One thing is certain – a person cannot stay young forever. A person cannot permanently remain at the same biological age, immortality is an impossibility, well at least for now.

Knowing that people inevitably age does not prevent us from attempting to stay young. Even though the human body is programmed to become strong and then decline, science has ways to make the human body more resilient to the factors that affect how we age and how fast we age. Physical fitness accounts for one of the major means to delay the body’s breakdown. You can understand this as “the body will inevitably break down because it is nature’s way, but it doesn’t have to break down immediately”.

Eating the right foods helps the body stay stronger and fitter for longer and is like giving an engine good fuel. If you don’t block it up with a load of junk, then it will run trouble free for a lot longer. Keeping the mind free from stress seems impossible in our hectic lifestyle but there are plenty of people that say that a stress free life leads to staying younger for longer. It seems that the question “why do people age?” is only as relevant as to what individuals do to stay young.

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