Why Do People Spit?

Why do people spit, particularly in public? Honestly, some people find it disgusting to see other people spitting in public. People who grow up in a royal family, or those belong to the upper class of society, find it disgusting if they see common people spit in public. They regard this as a lack of manners and respect. For some, they find it interesting to ask somebody who spits why he does it. They think that people who belong on the lower class spit because they lack proper manners.

People who are in the upper or upper-middle class never feel the longing to spit but they are actually curious why some do spit in public. Perhaps if they could understand it, maybe they would not be very disgusted by it. On the other hand, younger generations want to spit in front of other people because they want to be cool, especially if they are doing this while smoking. In addition, cigars will leave a bad taste in the mouth so they feel the need to spit, but at times, people find the habit just plain gross. They just spit without even thinking of its consequences and the effects to other people.

On the other hand, some people feel the need to spit in public in order to get rid of any unknown debris from their mouths. They want to clean it completely and swallowing is never an option in such cases. As for the case of smokers, they spit a lot since smoking causes them to produce more phlegm. Other people feel the need to spit because they are sick. If you are suffering from flu or a dry cough, you tend to cough more often and you will produce phlegm and if this is not released it causes more irritation to the throat. Coughing or being sick is reason enough why people spit in public and this is not just plain gross. Their health is the cause of this action, and the individual should be forgiven.

Spitting in public can also be a cultural thing. Take China for example – you can see a lot of people spitting all over the place and they spit regularly. It is common for them to do so; this is why foreigners in this country find it so gross. It only means that while it is a sign of bad manners to another country, spitting is cultural in other countries. The reasons why people spit in public differ from one country to another and from one person to another, but one has to know the reasons so one can take these habits into consideration.

Posted at December 29th, 2011.

3 Responses to “Why Do People Spit?”

  1. Cassita says:

    Upper class, middle class, lower class? What does it matter. This is ridiculous. People need to spit. Swallowing gunk is disgusting.

  2. Meone says:

    I am working class and I do not spit. I am British born but live in Spain and I have to say I am disgusted by how much people spit in public. If something is in your mouth and you want to clean it use a hankie or go to the side of the street were there are less people. Personally, I see it as a lack of good manners and also as very unhygienic for whatever reason.

  3. Spitting Guy says:

    In our family, on my dad’s side we have a throat irritation that causes us to cough and expectorate on occassion. This irritation (more related to an allergy) could be from cold air, dusty conditions, something that we just ate or drank that the body is rejecting. In the process of coughing it looses the irritant from the throat and produces a slight mucus that I refuse to swallow. As it would be gross to swallow snot coming out of my nose, I would not swallow mucus. I’ve been raised to accept that we can turn away from people, cough up crap and spit in grass or into a hanky if in a restaurant. But we accept this irritation as just a normal part of life. And… we just happen to be millionaires.

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