Why Do People Donate Blood?

Today, I would like to convey to all of you why people donate blood. No matter where you live, there is always a need for donated blood to help those who may be in need of your blood type for any number of medical reasons. Why do so many people participate in this charitable act every week?

It Is An Honorable Act

First of all, it is an awesome and honorable activity, so man up and donate blood. Go to your local clinic and do it! There’s nothing to be afraid of, and you may save a life. Again, it is a very good thing to do, and there is always a very kind and very professional medical staff that’s around you, so don’t worry if you begin to feel faint. They’re prepared for every circumstance, so there is absolutely nothing to fear. Also, that small pinch that you will get from a needle is nothing in comparison to when you realize that your blood can actually save a life.

It’s All Charity

Now, I want to touch on some interesting subjects and my thoughts on this whole donating blood business. Well, first of all, it’s not a business. We do not get paid for this. If you come to the donating facilities and you donated, you did so of your own free will, for no other benefit other than to help your fellow human beings.

Blood donation does not attract a financial incentive. However, if you live in a country where there is a financial incentive for you and you do get paid, all the better! I hope you do it for the right reasons, but regardless of why you do it, donating will save a life.

The Physical Benefits

Now, from human physiology, we know that exercising, working out, or lifting weights is one of the best ways to prevent aging, and that is because once you tear down muscles, new muscles and new body tissue have to be rebuilt. An identical situation happens when you give blood. Once you lose it, your body has to rebuild completely brand new blood cells from scratch from the foods you eat. Especially if you combine donating blood with healthy eating right away, it’s a perfect detoxification method.

Tips For Staying Healthy When Donating

Another subject I wanted to touch base on is low iron. Sometimes, the staff will check your blood before donating and tell you that your iron is too low and that you have to take a certain amount of time before you donate again. This is very important because you need iron to basically function, to rebuild your muscles, and to contain your red blood cells. The doctors will tell you much more and you can research yourself why iron is important, but it is an important element. Donating blood does take away from your iron levels because it leaves along with your blood that you donate. You have to make sure or maintain your iron levels if you plan on donating. One of the best ways I’ve found to do so is eating healthy, eating on time, and eating a balanced diet with lots of vegetables, lots of greens, and a little bit of meat.

One last thing: if you are donating blood, make sure you hydrate and stay hydrated! Once you give blood, you need to replenish the fluids. Drinking water every day is an awesome way to stay healthy, and it’s also a great method to detoxify yourself.

What little pain you feel after donating will be gone in about 20 minutes or so once you start drinking water and working and playing around. As the saying goes, “It’s in you to give, so give!” I hope you will take this message to heart.

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