Why Do People Get Hiccups?

Why do people get hiccups? What causes them? How do you get rid of hiccups? A hiccup, also known as neuroaccoustic diafragmacontractions, is a contraction of the diaphragm that is caused by spasm. This involuntary action repeats several times per minute. The diaphragm is abruptly pulled down, causing the epiglottis to close. So, why do […]

Why Do People Fight?

Why do people fight? Although being unique is one of humanity’s greatest gifts, it also seems to be man’s greatest flaws. When two parties have different views on a certain issue they often engage in a conflict. This conflict is the provided definition for the term “fighting.” Fighting because of differences is a common phenomenon, […]

Why Do People Fart?

Have you ever been at a loss to answer when a kid asked you, “Why do people fart?” Farting (or flatulence, as it is called by those who would rather not sound vulgar) means expelling intestinal gas, which is also known as flatus, from the anus. The word fart may have come from certain old […]

Why Do People Fall In Love?

Why do people fall in love? This question is easy to understand yet difficult to answer. If you have experienced developing feelings for someone even though you intended not to, you can’t help but ask yourself, “Why do people fall in love?” Falling in love is certainly a magical experience that happens to two people. […]

Why Do People Faint?

Why do people faint? Fainting, which is medically referred to as syncope, happens when the person experiences a temporary loss of consciousness. After a person faints, it only takes a brief period of time before he spontaneously recovers. People faint because they experience a lack of blood flow and the amount of oxygen that flows […]

Why Do People Drink And Drive?

Why do people drink and drive? There are a variety of reasons that can be drawn for this kind of behavior. The need to be accepted is one of the reasons cited on “why do people drink and drive?” A majority of the drinking population would say that they drink for social reasons. A person, […]

Why Do People Drink Alcohol?

Why do people drink alcohol? People have various reasons for why they consume alcoholic. The majority of those who are asked the question “Why do people drink alcohol?” would probably give you an answer related to socializing. Alcohol is often part of social gatherings. A lot of people believe that alcohol gives confidence, helping them […]

Why Do People Drink?

Why do people drink alcohol? People drink for a variety of reasons. A number of people drink because they like the taste of alcohol, which is a product made from fermented fruits, vegetables or grains. The yeast that is added during the process of fermentation changes the sugars of the raw products into alcohol. As […]

Why Do People Dream?

Why do people dream? Everybody has probably asked this question at one point or another. Dreams are defined as a series of images, ideas, emotions, and feelings happening spontaneously in the mind throughout certain stages of sleep. There have been a lot of studies and speculations in recorded history but the purpose and content of […]

Why Do People Dance?

Why do people dance? Participating in dance is considered a unifying factor among social groups, especially among several ethnic groups. A number of cultures find themselves bonding over dances and learning them. We even enjoy learning the dances of other cultures, including the reasons why they are performed. For example, the Maori Haka dance is […]